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My song "Barbados"


I just wanted to revisit and say something about my song "Barbados". This is a song I wrote when I was studying for my Masters of Science Degree at the Iowa State University of Science and Technology. I started with a 4 track recorder and transferred the tracks to a 16 track recording studio. I then added other instruments and guitars. The rest has been history. This song has been very popular ever since. I thank all of you for the interest you have shown in downloading/buying this song. It encourages me to write more songs of this type of caliber and my goal is to make you happy. My goal is to write and produce songs to make everyone happy. If I write and produce songs that will touch everyone in a positive and pleasant way, most of the work is done. And that will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart and soul. Thank you everyone. And please tell your friends about “Barbados” and the type of songs I write and I CAN write.


Stop Dangerous Dictator Trump


Everybody must elect Democrats to stop madman Trump who's is on the verge of being more dangerous than Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi, Assad, Amin, Allende, Hussein, bin Laden an other evil tyrants/dictators. Everybody who hates dictatorships and tyrannies must vote for Democrats on Tuesday, November 6, to stop evil man Trump. Bring other people to the polling stations and coach them of the dangers in Trump. Trump is the most dangerous living creature on the planet right now and must be stopped on November 6. If we elect a Congress controlled by Democrats, it will stop Trump.


By Hubert TembaMSc BA DSJ 2-Time Fulbright Award Winner

Vote With Passion November 6, 2018


'I Hear The Big Train Coming

That'll Carry Trump 

To a Lunatics' Asylum'

By HUBERT TEMBA BA DSJ MSc 2 Fulbright  Awards

If you're 18, a US citizen, you work or get assistance, your voting in every election is your voice in your future in this country of opportunities.

Were you 18 in 2016? Did you vote? We can't repeat the mistakes of 2016 where many took their votes for granted and stayed home, not voting.

Do you know Trump's decisions hurt you? If you forgot, Trump is daily abusing his power, violating the inaugural oath he took on January 20, 2017 of defending the US Constitution. He isn't defending the Constitution. He's daily violating it, hes daily raping the US Constitution.

And his lawyers argue that he's the chief law enforcement officer so he can't be subpoenaed. These lawyers must be morons too because there were times where judges sent Trump to the drawing table during his deranged Muslim bans.

These lawyers must have been caught in Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Atchipelago, 1918-1956..." thus being cutoff from any knowledge of the power of the US Constitution and US Democracy.

These lawyers with Trump must have wrapped themselves in Soviet parka coats, completely shutting off their senses of learning, proving that Donald Trump's links to a Russia are are stronger than Russian oil pipelines.

Moreover, if Trump can't be subpoenaed what has been the use of taking inaugural oaths during inauguration ceremonies? Suddenly these lawyers will defend a tyrant or traitor for unAmerican reasons.

Coined lately is the term that Trump is a cancer to our Democracy. Never seen a man who resembles a human being, at such a older age, violate the greatness of our country like he has.

It's thus of the greatest importance that I call on all people who are citizens to stand up and destroy Trump's tyranny.

The legal way of doing it is by peaceful demonstrations. And the most powerful way of putting a forever stop on Trump and his long itching tendons of autocratic stomach cramps is to get him out of the White House, for good.

For Americans love their democracy. Trump must lack a brain not to realize after 71 years of robbing people mob style the last place to try it regarding the Sacred Will of the People.

If we're created in the image of God, does Trump think he can rob us of our our freedom? If that's how his brain works then he has no brain at all and the 25th Amendment has been abused.

So I urge my fellow citizens to rise up to the occasion and even above it. To stand up strong, knowing there's nothing to lose but inhuman treatments by greedy maniac Trump who has wasted millions of taxpayers money visiting his properties.

His tantrums are childish and his eruptions are a disease. It's doubtful that Trump is healthy. There was a time he was toying the idea of using nuclear power to fight a tiny nation, North Korea.

Even at that age of 71, he doesn't know the value of people's lives, nor respect human rights or the Constitution of the United States of America.

Insult on injury has been the 287 Republicans in Congress who have watched destroy our country. I'm told they are afraid of Trump’s base.

But Trump's base on its own cannot elect a President. I'm told that it's the fear of being challenged during primaries for during election seasons for Congress.

But Congressional terms ain't life tenures. So why does a Republican lawmaker want to stay in Congress for life at the expense of violating their oaths of defending the Constitution and let Trump walk over our Democracy as if it his pig barn.

You and I have to come in. Intervene and hold on to our beloved Democracy. That is why it's imperative to understand the importance of voting to safeguard our Democracy.

That's why apathy is not the right thing to do. Given how destructive Trump has been to our great nation, it's utterly important to remember to vote each time. That's insurance for opportunities in America.

I can write with strength and experience because I'm well travelled and learned and having seen other parts of the world of 8 billion people, I must say: Americans don't be fooling. Why did let Trump get into into your secured vaults?

It's not too late. On November 6, we can change the coarse. We can elect a Congress that reveres the US Constitution by hook or by crook. And put a permanent stop on Trump’s destruction spree.

The Alarms Went Off In 2016

In November 2016, millions of voters stayed home. Those who came out to vote, included the most hateful people, most racist snakes from their holes. They gave Trump the slightest numerical edge in the swing states giving him electoral victory. Although Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump, because of the Electoral College which is outdated, Trump was "elected" by the Electoral College in December 2016. We have heard of members of the Electoral College just getting threats if they planned not to vote for Trump in the electoral college.

That is the past now. We need to focus on the midterms. One major election at a time. Between now and November 6, there's time to get mentally prepared to stop Trump.

Trump Can Be Stopped 

Trump can only be stopped by Congress which is an equal branch of government. There are 3 branches of the US Government: The Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court.

Congress being an equal branch of Government, can be a watchdog and ensure the Presidency is not being run as a dictatorship, monarchy, tyranny or autocracy.

But Congress is under the control of Republicans which can be a result of voters not knowing that midterm elections are as important or effective as Presidential elections. If your party has a President and Congress is controlled by the other party because after electing a President of your Party you stayed home during during midterms and failed to give your President a Congress to work with your President, you failed your President. That's what happened with electing Obama. In the midterms of 2910, Obama voters stayed home. After electing Obama in 2012, Obama voters stayed home in the midterms of 2014.

After staying home or voting for someone else in 2016, Obama voters and all those who are angry Trump is raping the Constitution and Liberty of America daily, must not stay home on November 6, 2018.

If we come out in big numbers, like we did when when we elected Barack Obama in November 2008,

If we register to vote and turn out with enthusiasm, vigor and passionate joy on November 6 and vote for a Congress controlled by Democrats (because Democrats do care for people and don't have all that hate Republicans have),

If we have an overnight victory by Democrats on November 6,

We would have given America The Beautiful, a Land of Immigrants, a land of the free, a land supposed to be an idea and not a race all it had an more. If you woke up on the morning of November 9, 2016 and realized or despaired all paradise had been lost with the inconceivable "election" of a filthy maniac who is daily on the verge of being a cannibal, that can reversed on November 6.

If you feel helpless because you are burned by the daily abuses of power by a maniac Trumpwho doesn't seem normal by any stretch of the imagination, this can change on November 6, 2016.

Trump's Damage Can Be Reversed 

What damage Trump has done to this country can be reversed. What ugly songs he has sung with his inner and outer ugliness, can be unsung.

If you give yourself and the wailing America an overwhelming victory on November 6, 2018. Anything that needs a team work can be done. If you as a member of that team, plays your part.

Do America the Beautiful a favor. Revive her beauty by voting for the best Democrat to win. Don't vote for a label. Vote for someone with the qualities and chemistry, the talent to mould the losing climate in Congress. A label doesn't make a lawmaker. The talent, ability to make laws that will benefit the voters and take America in the right direction is what is needed.

By looking at Stevie Wonder right away, you subconsciously see the label of a blind man. But that man despite being blind used his talents to fight for the liberation of Nelson Mandela and end of Apartheid in South Apartheid. Even if he called the label a Pro Life, A Progressive that didn't matter. Stevie has lots of talents which don't fit in a label.

Again, there's nothing in the labels of Progressive, Pro Life, Liberal etc. they are just labels. They are labels like the label of Christian which is nothing if one doesn't practice the teachings of Jesus Christ which include "Love Your Neighbor As You love Yourself".

When President Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President he didn't start with labeling himself. He started with a match and matchbox "Yes We Can" which touched the hearts and souls of his immeofollowers. The message, being infectious because of his contagious charisma, spread nationally like the fire of passion.

Thus I urge voters not to be tied down by mistakes of the crazy past. Creative innovation doesn't hurt. Like a flea flicker in a game of football. Let's choose the talents and not put God in a shoe box and limit what the infinite great future we have, if we decide carefully, creatively and vote wisely on November 6.

Be Ready To Restore USA from Trump 

The ball is in our court. Get your registrations to vote, any necessary paperwork if necessary, know the polling stations, practice mock rides to the future polling stations if you have time, so the day of November 6, the day that can reverse America if you play your part, is firmly planted in your mind.

Celebrate the image in your mind with happiness. Then it will be a reality.

It can be done if you play your part. Vote with passion and joy on November 6 to save your country, Amer, from the animal claws of inhuman Trump who is a poodle of Russia's Putin.
Elect Democrats and give them an overwhelming victory on November 6, 2018.

Registering to vote and voting for the one who will protect your Rights: like health care, minimum wages, equal rights, human rights and all that will give you equal opportunities is YOUR DUTY.

Protect yourself from Trump’s abuse of power and vote for Democrats on November 6and all future elections.

Let's give Democrats the most overwhelming victory in any midterms election this November 6, by getting out the biggest turnout of voters voting to elect Democrats ever.

Let the bells of protecting our Independence and great Democracy ring merrily and loudly after this upcoming Democratic victory on November 6. We'll make good history.

God Bless the United States of America and God Bless the saving of our Liberty from talons and claws of carnivores Trump and Putin on November 6, 2018.

There's no man or for a very instance a woman, with breath in the sniffling nostrils, or blood on their hands, from the torturing of people and murdering them, have a right to treat other human beings as less equal.

Thus, under the covenant signed with the Almighty God, oppression by Trump will stop and a new era will begin.


Taking Ignorance into the Social Media


Some people have  posted on social media that racists took a beating when the Broncos lost and then put a photo of Richard Sherman along with it. That is tantamount to PUBLISHING A LIE. I and other over 30 years old guys who supported Peyton Manning and will still support him because he makes us feel good, ARE NOT RACISTS. I like Peyton Manning and I am not a racist. Don Lemon of the CNN was routing for Manning because he makes older guys look good. Richard Sherman's is one player of two teams. One thing I know is that he was asked one thing and he used the TV MICROPHONE as if he was in JERRY SPRINGER show where fights are very personal. Instead of answering the question he was presented by ERIN ANDREWS (the reporter) he used a national microphone to address JUST ONE PERSON WHO WAS CRABTREE. To me that is very low. At one time I said that was an act that showed he did not have manners and did not know how to answer questions from TV reporters. He did not answer ERIN ANDREWS' question. Erin should have taken the microphone and attention from him and moved on to another reporter. That interview and the answer Sherman gave was a comedy of errors. The social medial wasted a lot of time and space talking about a comedy of errors.  I wrote criticisms about him, others wrote about him and many of those who wrote about him were not RACISTS. I think the race thing sometimes is stretched with ignorance. He just did not know how to behave, first in'front of a woman, two, he does not know how to answer simple questions, three, he should apologize to CRABTREE USING THE SAME TV NETWORK. Moreover, when Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seahawks together with team of coaches were planning the playbook against the Broncos, they were not focusing on proving racists wrong. Nor was the focus of a super bowl  to prove anything about Richard Sherman. It was nothing to prove racists wrong. When people go around posting such writing which make reasonable people shake their heads, it is time we WROTE THINGS LIKE THESE hoping some light could be seen.

The Faces Of The Other Crowd





In Pain I Have Fought For Relief




"I Love That Bar" Star Sticks it to GOP and NRA

Gun rights advocates freak out over ‘No Guns’ sign at singer Toby Keith’s restaurant (via Raw Story )

Conservatives and gun activists are in high dudgeon over a sign outside country singer Toby Keith’s new Virginia bar and grill that says “No Guns Permitted.” According to Washington, DC’s WTOP, the sign has provoked an explosion of outrage online…

NSA is not listening to your calls, read your emails

The NSA does not have the personnel to listen to all your phone calls and read your email stuff. Imagine, if they tried how many man hours would that BE? Unimaginable. And they do not have the staff to do that. How come that people can't ge...t this? The NSA does not have enough personnel to listen to your phone calls and read your emails. That is the TRUTH, swallow it if you can chew it. The NSA will not tell you that they don't have enough personnel to check and listen to all data. That will be compromising intelligence. It is impossible logistically to listen to all people's calls...but if you are on the suspect side, you will be listened to and be kept on surveillance. There is not government on earth that does not spy on its people. This is the TRUTH. Americans, take a deep breath and count your blessings

Approval Ratings And False Journalism


One of the functions of the media is to set an agenda. They do so by highlighting something very trivial and in that way people start thinking about it. The more people think about it the more it remains on their minds. The more it remains on the mind it become a believable falsehood like the Cold War communist propaganda of the former Soviet Union. An inaccurate approval rating of the President can serve the falsehood spewed by the hateful right into mountainous inaccurate proportions. Thus steering the country into the wrong mindset. That is what Fox News and other uneducated fake journalists do. That is focus on inaccurate biased approval ratings. I will continue to disapprove of approval ratings as long as I see the train coming, the train of leading the country astray by fake journalists and fake approval ratings. The pollsters have never contacted any reliable truthful persons that I know and my huge circles of friends know. If you want to learn just the little top of the iceberg of proper journalism, go and watch tapes and videos of WALTER CROKITE.