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Approval Ratings And False Journalism

One of the functions of the media is to set an agenda. They do so by highlighting something very trivial and in that way people start thinking about it. The more people think about it the more it remains on their minds. The more it remains on the mind it become a believable falsehood like the Cold War communist propaganda of the former Soviet Union. An inaccurate approval rating of the President can serve the falsehood spewed by the hateful right into mountainous inaccurate proportions. Thus steering the country into the wrong mindset. That is what Fox News and other uneducated fake journalists do. That is focus on inaccurate biased approval ratings. I will continue to disapprove of approval ratings as long as I see the train coming, the train of leading the country astray by fake journalists and fake approval ratings. The pollsters have never contacted any reliable truthful persons that I know and my huge circles of friends know. If you want to learn just the little top of the iceberg of proper journalism, go and watch tapes and videos of WALTER CROKITE.

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