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Glenn Greenwald is not a journalist

I agree with Jeffrey Tobin of CNN for calling David Miranda a "mule" for transporting illegal material across borders.


The man who published in the Guardian about the NSA, Glenn Greenwald is not a journalist either. He claims to be an investigative journalist but he is not.


When a person is handed government secrets and so he can forward them to a newspaper, which has the foolish balls of publishing those secrets, that person forwarding those secrets is not an investigative journalist. He is just a leaker like Manning.


I will bet you five dollars that Greenwald does not know what journalism is. He does not know because he is a guy who failed to perform anything of substance while he was in the USA.


He is a guy who failed in practicing law. He failed in other things too. And leaking classified information that has the ability to endanger my life and yours is a way for him to get even.


Where did he graduate from an accredited university with a major in investigative journalism? Nowhere. He is a liar. He is fake. He is just a leaker who may have some connection with terrorists.


If he has patriotism with the USA why is he living in Brazil with his male lover? Why is he living in exile? He is in exile of some sort because if he sets his foot on the USA soil, he will be detained like his male lover Miranda. If he sets foot on British soil he will immediately be detailed like his spouse Miranda.


My message to Greenwald: "Stop leaking that shit called government secrets. You are putting my life in danger by telling terrorists how my government is making me safe. One of these days you will regret if you keep on leaking these secrets to the terrorists. Your fake journalism will not defend you and your downfall."


Glenn Greenwald belongs to a ring of people who are pro terrorism whether they admit it or not and that list includes Russia puppet Edward Snowden.



Leaking classified information is not investigative journalism. It is just leaking. Anybody whose article appears in a newspaper does not qualify to be a journalist.


There are a few accredited universities that teach journalism that I know of and none of these idiots attended any school of journalism.


Greenwald never attended any journalism school. He calls what he does  "investigative journalism". When did he investigate NSA?


He gets handed government secrets and then leaks them to the Guardian. When did he investigate those leaks? He is just a clerk or typist who has been handed over documents and told to send them to the Guardian.


Investigative journalists get out of their seats and go out of the building to face or unearth the rest of the story. They get a clue and then develop the story. Greenwald never investigated anything regarding NSA. He was a clerk of the knucklehead Edward Snowden. He was just handed documents and forwarded them to the Guardian. That is not investigative journalism. It is called leaking government secrets. Hello, you know what happened to a leaker called Bradley Manning? Quite a bit of life in prison. Greenwald can end up there too.


Greenwald seems frustrated with the USA and life in western governments like the UK. He must have had a dysfunctional upbringing. One of these days or nights a drone is going to get him.

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