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NSA is not listening to your calls, read your emails

The NSA does not have the personnel to listen to all your phone calls and read your email stuff. Imagine, if they tried how many man hours would that BE? Unimaginable. And they do not have the staff to do that. How come that people can't ge...t this? The NSA does not have enough personnel to listen to your phone calls and read your emails. That is the TRUTH, swallow it if you can chew it. The NSA will not tell you that they don't have enough personnel to check and listen to all data. That will be compromising intelligence. It is impossible logistically to listen to all people's calls...but if you are on the suspect side, you will be listened to and be kept on surveillance. There is not government on earth that does not spy on its people. This is the TRUTH. Americans, take a deep breath and count your blessings

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