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Glenn Greenwald is not a journalist


I agree with Jeffrey Tobin of CNN for calling David Miranda a "mule" for transporting illegal material across borders.


The man who published in the Guardian about the NSA, Glenn Greenwald is not a journalist either. He claims to be an investigative journalist but he is not.


When a person is handed government secrets and so he can forward them to a newspaper, which has the foolish balls of publishing those secrets, that person forwarding those secrets is not an investigative journalist. He is just a leaker like Manning.


I will bet you five dollars that Greenwald does not know what journalism is. He does not know because he is a guy who failed to perform anything of substance while he was in the USA.


He is a guy who failed in practicing law. He failed in other things too. And leaking classified information that has the ability to endanger my life and yours is a way for him to get even.


Where did he graduate from an accredited university with a major in investigative journalism? Nowhere. He is a liar. He is fake. He is just a leaker who may have some connection with terrorists.


If he has patriotism with the USA why is he living in Brazil with his male lover? Why is he living in exile? He is in exile of some sort because if he sets his foot on the USA soil, he will be detained like his male lover Miranda. If he sets foot on British soil he will immediately be detailed like his spouse Miranda.


My message to Greenwald: "Stop leaking that shit called government secrets. You are putting my life in danger by telling terrorists how my government is making me safe. One of these days you will regret if you keep on leaking these secrets to the terrorists. Your fake journalism will not defend you and your downfall."


Glenn Greenwald belongs to a ring of people who are pro terrorism whether they admit it or not and that list includes Russia puppet Edward Snowden.



Leaking classified information is not investigative journalism. It is just leaking. Anybody whose article appears in a newspaper does not qualify to be a journalist.


There are a few accredited universities that teach journalism that I know of and none of these idiots attended any school of journalism.


Greenwald never attended any journalism school. He calls what he does  "investigative journalism". When did he investigate NSA?


He gets handed government secrets and then leaks them to the Guardian. When did he investigate those leaks? He is just a clerk or typist who has been handed over documents and told to send them to the Guardian.


Investigative journalists get out of their seats and go out of the building to face or unearth the rest of the story. They get a clue and then develop the story. Greenwald never investigated anything regarding NSA. He was a clerk of the knucklehead Edward Snowden. He was just handed documents and forwarded them to the Guardian. That is not investigative journalism. It is called leaking government secrets. Hello, you know what happened to a leaker called Bradley Manning? Quite a bit of life in prison. Greenwald can end up there too.


Greenwald seems frustrated with the USA and life in western governments like the UK. He must have had a dysfunctional upbringing. One of these days or nights a drone is going to get him.

I Like Your New Website: HUBERTTEMBA, MrTemba


Mr Hubert Temba, I like your diligence. First we could not see your website for a while. Keep up the good work!

The Way The GOP Thinks or "Sleeps"


The thinking and the logic of the GOP are upside DOWN

While universal health care is health care for everybody the GOP opposes it.

While Obama care is is universal care which is health care for everybody the GOP opposes it.

While RICH Mit Romney's wife Anna is a cancer survival and because they could afford cancer tests something many people can't afford, OPPOSED IT.

And cartoon faced Paul Ryan the rookie congressman from Wisconsin brought a legislation that showed his anti-grandparent sentiment which would chop down a huge chunk of Medicare oppose OBAMA CARE.

Still there are many human beings in America who need universal health care. (Continue reading)...


Angelina Jolie has undergone serious surgery that any woman on this earth can need: removal of both breasts due to the possible effects of breast cancer. The medical and major preventive measure for all females is to undergo tests to ensure that the CHANCES of breast cancer are not imminent in the near of far future. But these TESTS are very expensive and most women cannot afford them.


And the Obama care is a step upward for these women who cannot afford tests to detect future breast cancers which kill a lot of women in the world each year.


Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann from Florida has had the same surgery of removal of breasts.


This shows that removal of the breasts due to cancer has been done by many women. But the tests to reveal this danger of an imminent and dangerous lethal disease are not cheap.


Yet while the Obama care delivers health care for all, Mitt Romney said he was going to repeal it if elected. But the American people opposed that notion stringently on November 6, 2012. Romney disappeared into darkness.


Yet the GOP opposes Obama care. They oppose EVERYTHING that has to do with the better wellbeing of a human.


They opposed the president's idea of stopping the shedding of innocent blood by gun owners in America by toughening background checks before one owns a gun which has been known to shed a lot of blood of innocence in places that are not war zones right here in America.


All in all is that the GOP opposes everything that is humanly right. While civil human being think straight and upward like God,


The GOP's logic and thinking is upside down just like BATS, MANATEES, SLOTHS, KOALAS and SOME ANIMALS SLEEP UPSIDE DOWN!

Driving, Flying and Terrorism/Dangers


I am not alarming anybody. Definitely that is not my intent. I like to know when I am driving I am safe. I like to be safe when I am flying across the seas and the oceans and even to other countries. Not everybody understands my concern. But just a few.


I have goals in life, and many people in life have goals. But if one tries to reach those goals and they can't do it quickly, time becomes a factor. A day has 24 hours. In a chunk of those hours we need to sleep whether we like it or not. When one is awake most of us work in environments with limited time scheduling depending on the needs of the moment or depending on the regulations of those who have hired you and are paying you.


But even if one respects the requirements of those one calls an employer, there is a time when one has to get away and deal with their own life. And then may involve walking from work place or driving.


Some people get a check on a payday and decide to go to a happy hour or someplace to celebrate and get drunk on that payday.


But they forget when they are driving to their drinking place they may commit other traffic errors like driving too fast or driving too slow. It is okay to drive fast but within the legal limits and you do so you are fine. What perturbs me is something that may not disturb many other people drivers or driving aspirants.


Yesterday I noticed something that I must comment on. On Lagoon Avenue in Minneapolis Minnesota I was divining towards Lake Lagoon. The traffic was as long as a line waiting to get humanitarian aid when there is an earthly disaster. But there was no earthquake, famine, war needing help for refugees but these drivers acted like refugees waiting for the god of traffic lights to move them forwards. And these idiots and bastards could see the traffic lights upfront were green and many of them were either using their phones soliciting phone sex or doing something distracting them from either honking or getting out of their quicken comfort sleeping zones and get the traffic going.


So I honked several times to wake these slumbering bastards out of their sleeps. And a few minutes later I got a call from a girl who knows me. She said "You do not honk like that in life..." And since I am ahead, that I have published and produced many things in life and succeeded people who think like her will stay behind in traffic even when the traffic lights are broadcasting that you can go ahead and meet your goals life.






My New Literary Page


Just say No


Voters: when you go to any voting stations...anything that the Republicans are asking at the door, outside or even anythwere..Just Say NO and vote NO. By doing that you will bring more freedom to this world. Republicans do not know what they are doing. They just don't understand. They claim to be followers of Jesus and all of them are hippoctites who do not follo the Bible. Voters: Do not listen to Republicans, the christian right in the USA because they do not even practice the teachings of the Bible. These Reblicans who can themselves themselves the Christians Right are just another group of group of Hitler Wanna Bes and they deserve to be on the moon with Oxygen masks. These hateful very ignorant Republicans who think they are better better because they call themselves Christians are just a bunch of idiots that you would not waste your money sending to school. They are already stupid and love their studity. Christian Right:. Did Christ talk about right or wrong anywhere in his tachings? No. Didn't Jesus let a woman touch his garmnt. These Republicans and members of th Tean Party are just a part of the group that does not read and is not even knowleadgable. They will sit or atand at the corner of the street and they will be holding Bibles and the fools will talk about Jesus and when they get home and at any place when no one they think is not looking, they will use the N word or say something to show that they are evil. But let me tell you all you fools. What you think, imagine, create, reade, visit, watch, image, do or think and talk about, will come back and bless you and curse you forever. This world is balancing itself and if you guys hide and do the wrong things in your minds or in you closets....It will come back on the top of the hills. I will watching at the top of the hills. WE need the good things in life and Reblicans are descendants of some anycenstors you do no't want wanna be with.

Masquirading. Pretenders and Lairs. Tea Party. Republican Politicians.


Everytime Rand Paul has been asked about his point of view regarding the 1964 Civil Rights Acts he has been elusive and jumping into other situations and docking to answer. This exposes that the Tea Party will do anything to break desegration and go back to the Era of the Jm Crow laws. What these hippocrites do is brack about being Christinans. And even call themselves the Chrisitan Right. But there is no Christian right or left. There is only one Christianity with the love of your neightbour as you love yourselves. The Bible is a great record of Hod's laws. And Judgment day is already here for the Christian right movement that includes the Republican Party and the Tea Party goers. Karma has started striking the Republicans right in their nose and the Republicans party is faliing apart. Spending money to watch lesbian porn oriented dancing, calling for re-segration in a masquirading fashion. There is no difference from the acts of many memnbers of the Tea Party that do not allign them with the thinking of Holocaust generator Adolf Hitler. Did a member of the Tea Party not spit at a black congreeman? Did members of the Tea Party not decribe the President as a black witch? Why don'tmembers of the Tea and Republic party throw their bibles and just confess that they are secret members of the Nazi Party or its off-shoot. It is a shame. But God will never be fooled. Hateful individuals will be punished by Good. The Arrow of God has more fire than the volcanoes of Iceland and more pain that the worst of cancer pain can produce. The Arrow of God is accurate and always on time and one of these the hateful ones will pay their price because what hate they sow to the universe which tends to balance igself and these hippocrites will fall by the waywise. One of these days. And they will be an endless requem after the end of the evil thought making and implementing processes.

Victim, I wish I was your your lawyer/brother (Steelers' QB sexual assault case)



As I reach page 381 of a new book, I want to share this!


For some companies it was February 7 others the 8th and still others will deliver the news of the publication of my first ebook  on tablets: HEAVEN ON CLOUD SEVEN. This is a deliverance of romantic poetry covering 162 pages, singing the praises of the beauty of a woman.

One could wonder why a man so fond of writing music and producing records would embark on the path of writing poetry about the opposite sex. That is not new. More than a decade ago I wrote the song WOMEN OF THE WORLD and in it I sang about how women have an instinct to love and still they are taken for granted and are not given the respect they so much wanted.

For a man that was strongly loved by his mother and three sisters that should not be new or strange. For a woman who started loving a woman from a very tender age, that should not be new. The author and prolific producer who sometimes sleeps with his laptop by his side, has such strange stories to tell. He had a very loving uncle who taught him how to dress to the point one day he slept with his neck tie on.

And HUBERT TEMBA is his name.

He is working on his latest book explaining to readers all over the world how to find everlasting happiness.

And the book, will be out soon!