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My ebook :"HEAVEN ON CLOUD SEVEN" will soon be published.


I am pleased to announce that my eBook: "HEAVEN ON CLOUD SEVEN" will be published in the coming few weeks. It will be avaibale on Sony, Barnes and Noble, IPad, Kindle, Nook and many other formats. It is a collection of romantic poetry prasing feminine beauty.

It is all about the will of the people and freedom


Within a few hours or days, the 42 tears of Ghadafi's dictatorship will end. And by 2050, Africa will be a world power to reckon with. Africans will follow the Arab wave and use social media and get rid of dictatorship. I call on all to do this. It is all a mater of a change of collective uncoscious. Big  positive changes on the African continent are imminent and with social media, Africa will wake up from her slumber and seize her position on the globe.

Rick Perry's moputh is also full of gas


Rick Perry continues to insult great thinkers of this country. Take an example. Bernakhe is one of the smartest economic minds in this country. Yet Perry just farts gas from his mouth and threatening the life of chairman Bernakhe. Does this ring a bell. There are lots of similarities between Don Trump's mouth and that of Rick Perry. Both mouths are use to farting useless ideas to just create attention. Trump farted from his mouth and talked about birther issues. And then like a cold turkey could not run.

There is another fool, Sarah Palin who should just be a cheerleader maybe of the New York Jets. Maybe she will get the right attention from the football players who also harassed the sideline reporter from Mexico, several months ago.

Even Carl Rove called Rick Perry " an idiot.."

Palin exited from being governor of the moste state in the USA. And her foolishness was stressed by her utterance that she has foreign service experience by just standing outside on her yard and try to see Russia on the horizon beyond the sea. May she should read "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway. She may get foresight on how to use the see to know about another country.

All the republican candidates and yelling all the blame on Barack Obama. But I hve news for you. Obama picked up my idea of appealing to CEO, Managers and all those who need help to start releasing funds and look for help so people who are unemployed can get jobs again. There is money -- capital in the pocjkets and back accounts of companies whose management can hire. It is time they lose their fear of the economy and start hiring. I love my President Obama. God bless him.

Michelle Bachmann a joke and insult to commonsense


My Music and Books are good for you and the world!


I am on, for my music: 7 CDs, dozens of songs, 3 published books: "PASSAGES OF LOVE," "THE SACRED WILL OF THE PEOPLE" and "JEWELS AND PEARLS, PETALS AND ROSES, VENUS AND THE MOON." All to bring happiness, love, peace and satisfaction to you and the world. Please search my works by just typing HUBERT TEMBA in any search engine. We are all talented. We need each other. If one of us rises, he or she will bring others also up and rising.

We are all interdependent.  There is no one who is an island. We all need each other. There is nobody is more special than another. Forget about those talking or saying that they are better than others. Everyone was given a talent not to misuse it, but to use it to make this world a better place to live in. If you don't believe me, stop and think. How many people have gone against this principle and law of God that we have to love one another and live in harmony and gone with the gone, only to leave behind condemnation and dissatisfied people spitting at their ghosts and the names, burning effigies and memories etc. Everyone wants to be happy. We should all remember that Love is supreme. Love does not mix with hypocrisy.

More to come.

i am recording a new music album


Just about to nail a big song. I have been in the recording studio for the last 3 hours. Trying to touch everybody's feelings in this song




by HUBERT Temba on January 07, 2011


THAT IS HOW STRONG MY LOVE IS, is a song on my new music album



My new musical album, tentatively entitled HUBIE BABIE, is currently in the works. 

Yesterday, January 6th into the morning hours of January 7, 2011, I stayed late in the recording Studio. I was working on various keys for my version of THAT IS HOW STRONG MY LOVE IS. 

This song was written and recorded in 1965 by Otis Redding. Otis is was soul/rhythm and blues singer who penned and recorded such hits like TOO HOT TO HANDLE, THESE ARMS OF MINE, RESPECT, DIRECT ME, I HAVE BEEN LOVING YOU TOO LONG TO STOP NOW etc. 

The song has also been performed by various known artists including THE ROLLING STONES, HUMBIE PIE etc. I liked the HUMBLE PIE version mostly because it had a gospel feel in it with many singers singing choruses or solos of verses. But although I liked some of the instrumentation which included some fine gospel organ sound, there were some off keys in some of the vocals. 

So I went back to Master Otis Redding and studied his chord progression. Otis Redding's chords were easy to find but HUMBLE PIE's chords were somewhere where I could not find easily. So after looking and understanding Otis's logic, I transposed his progression into my own progression in which I could do the things I am very good at like hammers-on, little chords and string bending in between guitar chords and strumming. And late at night in the morning hours, I found my niche -- the progression i can sing THAT IS HOW STRONG MY LOVE IS in front of anybody on this earth with ease and stage rule/presence audience control and audience satisfaction.  


Growing up on Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa (also known as the roof of Africa -- 19,340 feet above the sea) I would listen to Western music as a kid. I was exposed to country music, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Wilson Picket, Stevie Wonder, and Jimmy Cliff. Toots and the Maytals, Desmond Decker, Chubby Checker, Sam Cooke, Jim Reeves, Skeeter Davis, Dolly Parton, Percy Sledge, Gladys Knights and the Pips, and other western pop stars. At this time I had already started playing guitar. I had grabbed one at the age of 6 (snatched a guitar right from its box when my parents bought my older brother Phillip a Galatone acoustic guitar then. I run behind the house facing the coffee trees and the rich plantations and discovered the notes C and G for the first time. I had not played any other instrument except the harmonicas my mother Rose used to bring me from the market (when she would go to the market place either on Wednesdays or Saturdays.) 

So when I stayed late yesterday I found a chord scale that fits the range of my voice. Every singer has a vocal range. If a song was originally recorded in a the key of Gmaj by an artist who has a high voice, and you try to perform the same song in the same key that the original artist first recorded the song, you may meet problems along the way if you try to emulate some of the vocal variations which that artist once tried in that original key. 

I had listened to Otis Redding himself performing his THAT IS HOW STRONG MY LOVE IS. The song starts with this chords D G D G x and then it goes G D7 C G "It is I was the sun way up there, l will go with you love most everywhere..." and then when he starts "I will be the moon when the sun goes down..." that is when I feel that if I sing that song at that high range, something in me will be missing in trying to convey the feeling. 

So after looking at Otis' chord progression and figuring the whole thing out, I tried to transpose the progression on several chord progressions to audition my own voice ranges. This was done to find out the range which will enable me to deliver that song on my next musical CD with a real feeling. 


I have already recorded several songs for my new music CD. I penned my own song called THAT HAS FOUND LOVE. This is a rock and roll song with a reggae feeling. It has nice vocals, organs, good chord progression and good bridges and choruses. It will be a good easy sing along song even when someone is driving, putting gas in their car, walking along the lake or going for a bike ride in the park etc. 

My version of John Lennon/Paul McCartney's LET IT BE and Bob Dylan's ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER are also on the album. I play Jimi Hendrix songs a lot with ease and I am a great fan of his and in fact some of my stubbornness can be compared to his, although I don't take any illegal or non-prescribed drugs. I don't even take over the counter medicines. The other day I had a freak accident and my heart was acting differently and the doctors were trying to control the arrhythmias and tachycardia and they put an IV in the vein on my right arm. They were about to give me Adenosine to bring down the tachycardia. 

Let me share my music video -- it is me Hubert Temba performing my song BARBADOS which is available on ITunes – one of the songs on ITunes also available on my first music album RHYTHMS OF LOVE first released in 2004.

Watch and listen to me as I get introduced and enter the stage, go through turning on my Fender Stratocaster guitar like Jimi Hendrix, play a few licks from Hendrix's POWER OF SOUL intro and then take over the show... COPY THIS LINK AND PASTE ON YOUR BOWSER WINDOW AND ENJOY:

It can be done if all played their roles: peace on earth!


Hubert Temba

If you want all give to all. If you want peace, then have peace between you and other human beings. Otherwise hell will break loose and do when hell does.

The single reason there are wars on this planet is that human beings do not compromis...e and love each other. Unless that changes, any peace agreements (And I don't care if it is the Middle East Peace Treaty or a veto by the United Nations. It is all a joke and sends the peace notion to square one) do not work..

Truce agreements in wars do not work. Agreements without practicing "love yoru neighbor as you love yourself" does not work.

Let us wake up from this slumber of playing games on this earth. And do what the great teachers have taught from the beginning of time. Let us love one another

This time last year I was at my Sister Bibi Ana's house.


I performed my music yesterday in front of a group of people I met only in the last three weeks. We are attending a training session and they were going to be served with pizza for lunch. I usually watch what I eat. I eat mainly green vegetables, fruits, salads and stay away from greasy food and high sodium food groups.


So requested to be served with something with low or no sodium and they ordered a lot of salad. I was to go first and picked what salad i needed to eat and how much of it. I left the rest of the salad to the rest of the 14 people.


Before I tasted my salad I picked up my jumbo acoustic guitar and started singing "WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO CHANGE". I did not get any applause. So I started playing my own composition "ONE IN A LIFETIME LADY" and then turned into "WINNING". These are the lyrics:


Everybody loves a winner/ Everybody loves number one/ But you have to pay your way/ You have to toil the midnight oil/ And then CNN and FOX NEWS will say 'yeah'/ He is winning, she is winning, You can hear it everywhere/ We are winning, yes we are winning, you can hear it everywhere"


Then I started mention the names of all who were in the room and at this time there were about 18 or 19 people in the room. So I moved my chair which had wheels below around the room as I strummed my guitar and mention everybody's name. In this way I was inspiring everyone to be number one. And one of the managers started clapping his hands to the rhythm of my song "WINNING" Then I ended the song and there was a very loud applause that followed.


That is my story that I want to share with the world about my Christmas Eve, 2010. This time last year I was at my sister Bibi Ana's house on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, 200 miles from the Indian Ocean. There was a lot of celebration on that day. But it rained so heavily on that day that I had to spend the night at her house. I stayed in her son's Simon's house. And then in the morning Doris Simon Nyambo who is in the 10th grade gave me an interview in English and said my English is too American.


Doris presented a gift to me which was a painting with the message about the importance of Love, God in our lives. At midnight on Christmas day, Bibi Ana served me with more food to eat. I remember those days I was a youngster studying at Mawenzi Secondary School. During my school vacations when I would come home, Bibi Ana would come home and bring me the best harvest of plantation that she had so my mother Rose could cook it for me.


So this time last year I was bathed in an ocean of love when i visited my birthplace on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. I wish this deep love could be witnessed by every creature on this earth including the whole of the human race.


That is my prayer today. Merry Christmas to all of you everywhere

One World, One Love, One Peace and Happiness


As Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas with their loved ones, it is a beautiful season. I wish in people's minds and souls the mentality of this December 25th day will carry over. For Christians, they celebrate the birth of Messiah over 21 centuries ago. This celebrated Son of God as many would call Him, was born on a land that has been buffetted by wars, bloodshed, non-lasting truces all this time. This is also time to reach out deep inside ourselves and medidate on how we can respect the rights of one another. For Christ Himself taught His followers "Love your neighbors as you love yourself" and "Love God with all your mind, spirit, soul and strength." If the human race followed those two commandments Jesus Christ summed in the past past paragraph, then everyday will be full of love, peace and happiness all over the world. It is about time we stop throwing daggers at each other, showering bullets at our enemies and share our lunch tables and live together in One World, One Peace and Happiness. So on December 25, 2010 we should all think about peace,love and happiness for all of mankind. Merry Christmas to all.