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Barton, and GOP apologizing to BP in spill = drunken wasted stupor = disease

The republicans are at it again -- selfish and out of touch of the people. Quite aloof selfish greedy people. The people of the gulf have suffered a lot from the oil spill. Animals and sea life, birds have suffered. President Obama meant for the big oil company responsible for one of the greatest environmental disasters to the history of this country make a downpayment of US$20 million for what the spill has done to the gulf. Yet republicans are apologizing to BP, instead of apologizing to the affected human beings, affected sea life, affected birds, affected economy etc. What are republicans smoking all the time. Michelle Bachman jumped in, Rush Limbaugh, with his empty soul and head and the rest of the smoking republicans jumpled in and showed us how wasted and stoned they are to the reality that BP is not who to appologized to but the birds, the people, the fish, the businessmen and the people of the gulf. These republicans are very high on something. Maybe something worse than LSD or some kind of mental poison. Anyone who apologizes to BP and not the affected parties must have a very bad mental and soul disease. And the republicans who are apologizing to BP are just that. It is time for the American people realize that most of the republicans are just walking as masquarades who do not know what is best for Americans but best for their drunken stoned nature. Go figure. These republicans are really wasted and not capable of any political post of guiding this country. This great country does not need drunkards and stoned people like the republicans who apologize to BP for their mistakes in the Gulf Spill. American voters wake up before the drunken republicans sleep with your underage daughters because they are acting drunk and wasted beyond norm.

Should fliers pay for their carry-on bags in planes? It is both sick and sickening like a small plag


The airline Spirit must be made up of very hungry dos and blokes. It is owned by discontent republicans. They are embeciles and bafoons.

If they are going to charge fees for carry one bags and they are such a small companylocated in Florida they are inviting grave diggers to dig your graves because the death of their little company is very near.

The prognosis in this is that the public is not inviting this, maybe only the Republics because Republicans think with their biles instead of their brains which they do not have.


Go figure. It will backfure and some people will end up on the soup line for the homes because of how greedy they are. Spirit airline is as greedy as the evil Republicans.

Bullies of Phoebe Prince should get the Arabic way of punishing


The bullies of Phoebe Prince the Irish born 15 year old girl who committed suicide earlier this year because of being bullied continuously by fellow students, shold get it back from their actions. Who do they think they are? Why call the poor but pretty girl, Irish Slut while Irish descendants like the Kennedies help structure the 20th American century? These bullies are stupid, criminal, evil, brought up dysfunctially by parents who do not how to use the rod to disciple their kids, should get the harshest sentences in court. This will send a powerful message to the rest of the bullies in the USA and help in letting Ireland know that we do not stand this kind of behavior. They are nine bullies chanrged all together. Did they have anything positive to do all this type they used the internet and even their physical presence to bully the gir? If high school education can create hooligans like these then there is something we may need to consider about how to handle bullies in future. When a young man or young woman engages most of their time not practicing the golden rule of loving your lover as you love yourself, then that young or woman will grow up and become very useless to the society and the whole world altogether, unless they get very sctrict coaching and indoctrination. Whe you are so evil, you responsible for bringing more hues and cries and pain in this world. The thinking and acts of one can afford the whole big picture. Now if these nine embiciles who have been charged were bullied like this themselves they would have killed the parents who raised them and then swallow cynide or a double edged sword to kill themselves so that they can run from earth not knowing that HELL will be waiting for them on the HELL'AS DOOR ready to give them their share of HELLS PARADISE which is a 1,000 hotter and more painful than a Californian fire. I will write some more blongs, but please feel free to comment on this one.

KARMA has eyes that see in the dark and The Ones who oppose the health bill will pay one of these da

Let the Truth prevail :Health Care for all Americans!!! Way to go President Obama. 31 million Americans do not have health insurance. If you don't believe me how bad it is if you have no insurance, check how expensive it is when one goes to the emergency room when they have pain in their chest, which can be a aign of heart attack which kills many easily. One of the tests for heart disease is echocardiology -- ekg -- and it costs money. Tests cost money. Reading radiology costs money. Health is expensive. Yet 31 million Americans have no medical insurance. Some of whom are sick and they did not choose it. No one chooses to go to the hospital. But everyone will need medical attention some day. That is a part of life. 31 million Americans in the richest country in the world -- a country which spends a lot of money going to space and fighting wars and yet has homeless people. Look in the mirror. Opposers of the health bill should look in the mirror and swallow their pride. What you see happening to someone who has no medical insurance can come to you anytime. Suppose you are suddenly hit by an incurable disease which can happen to anybody. Then the opposers, the tea partiers, the Michelle Bachmans, the Petersons and the Rush Limbaughs and more -- are all mortals. They can suffer very terribly by the flip of a coin. I knew of a man who a wrestling champion in high school. Then something -- some disease struck him -- and he was paralyzed badly and can't even write with his hands. He ties a pencil on his head and uses a computer to communicator now. Go figure. Pride goes before a fall. The opposers of a program that is going to help others including the 31 million unisured Americans will suffer the consequences. Cast your bread in the waters and it comes back to you. What you so you reap. Karma will come back and BITE the opposers of a program that is going to benefit uninsured 31 million Americans. Judgment never chooses. I support health care bill and the help for 31 million uninsured Americans. Crime and punishment for the greedy opposers of the bills.

Polls should not be trusted most of the time.

Polls do come up now and then. Republicans are bringing their argument opposing the current health care bill starting most often with polls. They quote polls saying according to this and that poll, Americans are opossed to the bill or that. But a poll is a sample of usually one or two thousand people. How are these people reached? Not by meeting them on the streets or at an employment agency where they are looking for a job, or a pharmacy where they are refilling their medicine. They contact them on the phone. So these polls are used with people who are available and using phones. These results are not representative of the American people. Poll the 31 million people who have no medical insurance -- a population of about eight to 10 US states and then come back to me with an argument. Your argument will change. We should not put a whole emphasis on polls because in these polls the sample reached is very selective. It is a certain economic section of the population that in any circumstances, can afford to be reached in polls that have patience but quick newsworthy results to sell interest. I welcome comments on this topic.

Do you think Tiger Woods owes you an apology?

I don't think he owes me an apology. He owes Karma an apology. If you cheat you will be cheated in equal measure. See how this has brought him down below his pants. And maybe below his underwears and condoms too..He is pu---whipped big time this time. There is an eye that sees in the dark and this eye never blinks...