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Stop Dangerous Dictator Trump


Stop Dangerous Dictator Trump 



Enviable US Constitution and Beloved Democracy 

and all our RIGHTS


By Hubert Temba MSc BA DSJ 2-Time Fulbright Award Winner

Everybody must elect Democrats on November 6 to stop madman Trump who can be more dangerous than Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi, Assad, Amin, Allende, Hussein, bin Laden. Trump is the most dangerous living thing on earth RIGHT NOW.

Everybody who hates dictatorships and tyrannies must vote for Democrats on Tuesday, November 6, to stop evil man Trump. Bring other people to the polling stations and coach them of the dangers in Trump. Trump is the most dangerous living creature on the planet right now and must be stopped on November 6. If we elect a Congress controlled by Democrats, it will stop Trump.

At his current rate of destroying America, Trump is more dangerous than Mussolini, Hitler, Allende, Bashar Assad and other evil dictatorship of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Trump can turn America into a concentration camp and murder millions.

Trump can turn on the nuclear buttons he has access to and destroy the whole human race during a twitter rant at 3 in the morning.

Trump is not human. He's an animal. We don't need him. He's very dangerous. He must be removed.

Trump can dissolve the US Constitution in an instant and America becomes a dictatorship. He can dissolve the emancipation of slavery, declare certain people slaves, dissolve: human rights, voting rights for women, voting rights for African Americans. He is that kind of creature. 

He's crazy. And more than that. He's more dangerous than any living thing on the planet right now.

He is a creature that does not usually mingle and learn from humanity. He's into a dictatorship of his own crooked mind where no one is correct or matters. He's a very dangerous animal. He's not the type you entrust with any public office you assign to those who are supposed to serve the public. A public office is funded by the public to serve the public. But Trump is using public funds from taxpayers to destroy the public. He must be stopped on Tuesday, November 6.

Trump is currently the most dangerous man on the planet.

He isn't normal.

It is a mistake that Trump is in public office.

It is a mistake that Trump is in the White House 

It is a mistake that the press covers anything that comes out of Trump's mouth even when he talks trash.

It is a mistake to see Trump's face any day and it's a mistake to look at it, because it's EVIL.

It is a mistake to the whole world to have Trump as President of the United mistake.

It is a mistake for the the press to keep on covering him. He is error. And error is not news. It is public knowledge that Trump is a pathological liar and nothing coming out of his mouth, LIES, is worth publishing.

The press, out of news sources to fill their editorial spaces, fill those paper or online columns with jargon in the form and verbal fights and lies from the man illegally in the White House.

Anything Trump says is not news anymore. If a dog bites a man, that is not news. If a man bites a dog then it is news.

When he talked of dissolving citizenship for babies born in the United States by immigrants, he was testing the boundaries. When Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan disagreed with him he attacked the Speaker.

Trump should be flushed out of our system like constipation is flushed from the body by powerful laxatives. We should flush Trump completely from out minds and systems. He is worse than Ebola in our lives.








Trump needs to be stopped on Tuesday, November 6. Imagine you are chasing a thief who broke into your house and stole your most important/precious jewels and raped your wife and beat up your kids. Imagine that robber to be Trump. Imagine catching him and instead of beating him up, you tape his mouth shut with scotch tape so he does not talk. You tape his legs and feet with scotch tape so he does not move. Tie him to a tree and let him stay there until the police come. Imagine doing that to Trump on Tuesday as you go to the polling station. By electing Democrats on Tuesday, you are manufacturing the scotch tape that will tape Trump's dangerous mounth and tie him to a tree so he does not move around and waste taxpayers' money. 

Imagine yourself and everybody voting for Democrats only on November 6. Imagine no Republicans get any votes because they are very evil human beings.

Imagine all evil Republicans disappearing in the sunset of oblivion.

Everybody must elect Democrats to stop madman Trump. Everybody who hates dictatorships and values the free will in democracy must vote for Democrats on Tuesday, November 6, to stop evil man Donald Trump. This is serious stuff I'm writing. Bring other people too to the polling stations. Bring friends, family members and coach them of the dangers we have in Trump. Trump is very dangerous and must be stopped stone cold. A Congress controlled by Democrats will put checks and balances on his insanity.

Please stop history from becoming bloody and deadly by voting for Democrats on Tuesday. We must elect lots of Democrats on Tuesday to put a big road block on Donald Trump who operates inhumanly all the time. We must change things on Tuesday, November 6, by EVERYONE electing Democrats.

The focus across the nation towards protecting American Democracy is tighter than the maximum tension of the taut string of a bow. 

The impetus towards change for the better is inevitable. 

The hunger to protect pre existing conditions is a deep concern deeper than the deepest oceans.

The anger to tell Republicans to go home and shove it is hotter than the hottest tropics. Its dimensions are astronomical.

 The fire inside voters to protect US Constitution and American values if measured in geographic metaphors is hotter than all the volcanic fires condensed in human souls.

If America was a not a democracy for these 242 years that have passed since 1776, there would be blood everywhere on streets, worse than the suicide bombings in the Middle East.

But the collective unconscious of the American people is higher and better than the sporadic interruptions of the minority far right fraction of the population which supports Trump, coupled by propaganda apparatus of Fox News, Breibart and internet conspiracy sites most of which are funded and given firewood by Russian propaganda. 

That Americans are angry, is not a moot matter. Americans are so angry if the stars in the sky could talk you would hear them yell their lamentations of how Trump and the Republican Congress have failed to govern America the way it is supposed top be governed. 

The American psyche knows what is right for this country. Well cemented in people's subconscious minds is the great American way of living, the American Dream, the beacon of Liberty, the leader of the free world, the greatest nation on earth...

And to force people to change that ingrown value is to ask for a rebellion.

Americans have never experienced a presidency so malfunctioning as Trump's lack of leadership. Americans are tired of being robbed dry by greedy inhuman animalistic Republican Party of the dictatorship oriented Hitler wannabe Donald Trump. In a few days, on November 6, the election results of the midterm elections on November 6, may be so newsworthy the angels in the heavens will dance on the streets.

This was expected. Donald Trump has been a con man most of his years of breathing. He avoided the draft to the army 5 times by pretending to have bone spurs. His own father was a member of the outcast KKK and was arrested for participating in KKK riots more than 50 years.

Donald Trump never rented to African Americans and he was sued for that. He took a full page ad in a newspaper calling for the death of five young African Americans who were later acquitted. His recklessness is traceable in the trail of over 3500 lawsuits he has been in, 5 bankruptcies, divorces and womanizing with hundreds of women allegedly paying them hush money, alleged money laundering with Russian oligarchs and stories of belonging in crime networks. Much of this has come to light following ongoing investigations into his business and his involvement in the meddling into 2016 Presidential election by Russia.

Trump is a lying factory. He utters many lies every day as air goes through his lungs. It was calculated that one day he uttered 32 lies. In less that 2 years of being in the White House, Trump has uttered over 5000 lies. This is a world record. This man is inhuman. Human minds that utter so many lies are not to be trusted with power. They can kill a whole nation and lie about it. This is what he wants to do if he's not checked and stopped stone cold.

He pushed a conspiracy theory that President Obama was not American born. He is a criminal liar, has been accused of sexual harassing over 20 women. He has constantly insulted other human beings and it's getting worse every day. 

His rhetoric is divisive and caustic. There's no current political leaders actively in office who have vehemently stood up against the caustic Donald Trump who lies excessively and lacks sanity except two Republicans who are not seeking re election. But these two, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have voted for Trump's agenda making their criticisms cheap water that quenches no thirst.

What's very dangerous is that Trump has used the taxpayer paid megaphone of the Oval Office to bring America backward. Republicans in Congress have abandoned their constitutional roles of being an equal branch of the government and checking the derangement coming out of abnormally functioning Trump. The only people who can bring change to this nation are voters who are slated to hold midterm elections on November 6.

The vengeance against Trump is deep rooted. The wrath of a nation divided by a man who acts like a child at 73, is immeasurable. 

The animosity against self centered narcissistic Trump is deep and compounded by these factors:

If putting thousands of kids in cages didn't anger you, it angered millions.

If calling Mexicans "rapists" didn't anger you, it angered millions.

If banning Moslems -- 2 billion people -- from entering the United States didn't anger you, it angered millions.

If trying to deny healthcare to 32 million people by trying to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act 70 times didn't anger Republicans, it angered millions.

If insulting black football players and calling them sons of bitches, saying Nazis are good people, didn't anger you, both angered millions.

If encouraging violence in his rallies, if throwing tantrums on Twitter to other human beings, if attacking Amazon -- the leading retailer because Amazon's owner Jeff Bezos also owns a press outlet -- the Washington Post -- didn't anger you it sent messages to lawmakers about a path to Trump's impeachment.

If engaging in tariff wars, causing Harley Davidson to lay off workers, if people losing income, their daily bread, because of Trump's recklessness, didn't anger you it angered millions.

If calling Maxine Waters the Congresswoman from California "low IQ" and claiming that Barack Obama wasn't born in America, didn't anger you, it angered millions.

If calling Democrats a mob, while he encourages mobs of white supremacists and anti semitism didn't anger you, it angered millions.

Trump is not one of us. He doesn't behave like any of us. He shouldn't be allowed to do anything that involves our lives. He doesn't deserve to be in our White House.

If attacking the press, the 4th estate, if attacking the CIA -- an American legacy, if attacking the FBI and the Department of Justice -- doesn't make you angry, then you don't know what America is.

And if you don't know what America is, you lack something. You lack the understanding that America is great and beautiful because of those who sacrificed greatly to make it what it is.

America's sovereignty has been fragmented by one man -- the moron Donald Trump.

It's the responsibility of every adult to get out an vote to protect this Democracy. If you don't vote on November 6, the way Trump has been decimating this country, there may not be another election.

There're more people who hate the thuggishness of the Republicans and a wave of victories by Democrats is inevitable. How wide the sweeping depends on whether there'll be election interference on November 6 or not.

But if there're any skirmishes or interferences on Tuesday, those disturbing must be sent to the hospital. Tuesday's elections are so important that nothing should be in the way. Anyone interfering in the election on Tuesday must be punished severely on Tuesday to highest degree. Tuesday's election is the heartbeat of American democracy.

Feeling the fever heat are Republicans who have refrained from running for re-election this year.

Sitting next to the broiler is notorious Mitch McConnell, whose track record of opposing the will of the will goes years back. He bragged he felt good blocking all things by President Obama. All fingers point that McConnell is the Republican leader of Senate, who's a hated man.

Recently, Mitch McConnell urged Democrats not to investigate Donald Trump if they gain control of the House or entire Congress after the November 6 midterm elections.

This is ironic given the fact that it was McConnell who blocked President Obama in 2016, when Obama wanted a bipartisan announcement to the nation that Russia was meddling in US election.

McConnell was the same GOP senate leader who held a Supreme Court vacancy for almost a year waiting for a Republican to be the White House. Some have said McConnell may have helped Trump in winning the election by blocking the Obama administration from alerting the nation.

The Republicans that have been controlling Congress since 2010 have been getting worse by the hour.

Republicans controlling the 3 branches of government are not worth the ink the US Constitution was written on. 

The way Republicans have violated our great Constitution, the way they have acted in the House, Senate and White House, is worse than pigs urinating on a bag of diamonds inside barn. 

Their con leader, vulgarian and thug extraordinaire Donald Trump is running around the nation on taxpayers' paid tab, uttering desperate lies in a panting manner as if running out of breath, like a hyena whose tail is caught in the hinges of a bear trap, with the trap about to snap his tail any moment now.

But we can grab the steering wheels from greedy Republicans and Trump by voting to elect every Democrat on the ballot, to control Congress and expose Trump, hold him accountable and if necessary, impeach him.

We have the voters and people eligible to elect a Congress controlled by Democrats. I urge independents, former and current disgruntled Republicans -- whatever party affiliations they may have -- to be unselfish this time, elect Democrats to save our Democracy and Constitution.

It took a few immigrants to stand up and say enough is enough to the British King in the 1700s to declare independence from Britain and enforcing the then new US Constitution, then.

If the Republicans controlling Congress today lived in the 1700s they would not have had the brains and deep insight to write the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

None of the Republicans controlling Congress has a fraction of the intelligence, mastery of the English language and deep intellectual capacities to come up with creativity and spirit that led to the founding of this great nation.

None of the Republicans in Congress today are worth the ink the US Constitution was written on.

When those eligible to vote DO NOT VOTE, the price is high and hurts Democracy. The greedy and unqualified sneak into office like thieves of the darkest night. When millions didn't vote in 2016, the liar and scammer Donald J Trump got into office with help from Russia.

Trump Is Destroying America

Trump has destroyed America institutions in the 2 years he has been in office. The Republican controlled Congress has let Trump attack the Department of Justice, FBI, the Special Counsel, individuals, companies on a regular basis without acting as a check of a branch of government. As a result Trump has shown dictatorial tendencies -- something foreign to American democracy.

It's very important to turn out and vote for Democrats on November 6 to ensure Democrats control Congress to protect our precious Democracy. Our Democracy which has been in the making in the 242 years our America's existence is at risk if Democrats DO NOT CONTROL CONGRESS.

It's thus a matter of life or death to overwhelmingly elect Democrats. The enthusiasm is there. But we must sure we finish off casting the votes PROPERLY on Election Day, November 6, 2018.

The November 6 midterm election is the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION of the modern era.

It's this November 6 Election, Or Never 

We should not overlook the importance of voting on November 6. Trump has been running around holding rallies, not doing his job, while parts of the country are being devastated by hurricanes. This is unbecoming of the White House. He's using people's tax dollars to campaign for Republican congressional candidates.

This should caution all of us. The complacency that gripped the nation in 2016 should be thrown out of the window. We must not allow Trump to go forward without a Congress that doesn't hold him accountable. It's a NO NO.

The way Mitch McConnell has been pushing Trump's judicial nominees should alarm most Americans. These judges will affect your lives one way or the others. To put brakes on this monopoly by Republicans we must vote for our rights. We must elect enough senators to create majority of Democrats in Senate. We should do the same with House Representatives.

That only the 51-49 Senate majority held by Republicans comes from votes of states with only 18% of the electorate will drive any sane person nuts. The Democrats in Senate received more votes than the Republicans in Senate. You can say that the Senate majority is a fake majority.

But changes to our laws don't come when we don't have fair representation in Congress or other legislative bodies.

Even the notion of changing our election can linger in your mind, it's realization is a far cry if people don't vote.

Changes occur from within you. If you don't vote for the change you want someone will appear and take away the food from your plate.

Protests don't have an effect as that of your vote. Pay more attention to your rights and need to vote to keep any rights you have.

Be Focused on Large Voter Turnout 

Don't bother to talk about the other side. Focus on your game. Put your eyes on the vote. Remind yourself that any election that involves putting someone in a public office is vital. Whether you participate in the election or not, the outcome of an election into a public office affects you. Any decision made by one in an elected affect even those who stayed home.

Democracy in America is not guaranteed. Now that erratic, temperamental Trump is office, and that he has done despicable decisions which drive millions to fever heat anger, it cautions you that Trump being in the White House is a big mistake.

You can change that. Not by protesting the 285 or so Republicans in Congress. But by voting them out. They have abandoned their constitutional obligations of holding the President accountable as an equal branch of government.

November 6 will deliver the Ambulance to the ER to protect our Democracy from demise from the malpractice by Donald Trump helped by the Republicans in Congress. They're a minority who have walked over the 99% majority enacting taxes that benefit the richest 1% and leave the 99% with little to use or save.

Imagine that those 285 or so Republicans in Congress are a very tiny dot in the universe of the USA. They are making laws that affect the lives of millions. I have listened to some of them talk. Some of those in Congress are the most uninformed greedy useless lazy bums I have seen in my life. They're stupid, greedy, uninformed, narrow minded, archaic, sexist, unqualified to be in office.

Realize how the decisions of that tiny minority has endangered your rights. Get off your chair and be ready to vote to save the country.

Vote To Stop a Trump Dictatorship

A vote for Republicans is a vote for AUTHORITARIANISM, TYRANNY, DICTATORSHIP!! Trump has shown his affinity for dictatorships and the way he has attacked the Justice Department, FBI, CIA and the Mueller investigation should sends chills through your spine. Democracy is beautiful. Trump is trashing it in front of our eyes. We the majority can't impeach him because millions of us didn't vote the last election.

The Republicans in Congress ARE SILENT as Trump behaves as a DICTATOR, every day! That won't last longer if you get up and vote them out on November 6.

Protect your FREEDOMS by voting for DEMOCRATS on November 6 and in all future elections. Don't waste your freedom, health care, pride of being an American by voting for Republicans.

Republicans, it has been shown, when in elected offices, get busy in enriching themselves and do not care who voted for them and do not care if a voter dies in the cold.

Although these tyrants: Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Salvador Allende did not end well, WE SHOULD NEVER EVER LET MANIAC Trump PROCEED IN HIS ACTIONS OF A DICTATOR.

Hitler shot himself dead. Mussolini was hung upside down and executed. Idi Amin was defeated in an uprising and escaped to Saudi Arabia where he died here. Saddam Hussein was hung till he died on December 31, 2003. Salvador Allende was executed.

America is an idea and not a race. Since Trump was installed by Putin, he has divided America and filled the news with headlines of his scandals to the point of saturation of negativity.

We don't deserve this. American is a beautiful country although it is still an experiment. But it was a leader of the world until maniac Trump showed up illegally and destroyed the good of America.

Your Vote Is Your Weapon. Use It

If ON ELECTION DAY we spend ONE or so hours to vote for Democrats to change the course of this country under Trump we would have saved America from the dangers of a DICTATORSHIP by Donald Trump who is according to investigative reporting and informed observers, is a Russian asset.

The Presidents before Trump, contributed positively to this country:

Ronald Reagan: Oversaw fall of Communism.

George H. W. Bush: Fall of Berlin Wall, Passage of ADA.

Bill Clinton: NAFTA (no tariffs between US, Canada and Mexico).

George W. Bush: Led America after the 2001 terrorist attack on USA

Barack Obama: Passage of Affordable Health Care (ACA) known as "Obamacare".

Donald J Trump: Undoing the progress done by President Obama.. Trump has only contributed a very negative atmosphere in this great country so a vote a Democrats is a vote to stop Trump for further damaging this country.

If You're 18, Please Vote

If you're 18, a US citizen, you work or get assistance, your voting in every election is your voice in your future in this country of opportunities.

If you know of those who stayed home and didn't vote in previous elections stay away from them.

For those who don't vote don't deserve to complain if their rights are stripped away by the greedy exploitative few.

Were you 18 in 2016? Did you vote? We can't repeat the mistakes of 2016 where many took their votes for granted and stayed home, not voting.

Do you know Trump's decisions hurt you? If you forgot, Trump is daily abusing his power, violating the inaugural oath he took on January 20, 2017 of defending the US Constitution. He isn't defending the Constitution. He's daily violating it, hes daily raping the US Constitution.

Millions of Americans love their democracy. If you're reading this you must be one of them. Trump must lack a brain not to realize after 73 years of robbing people mob style, the last place to try his foolishness is violating the Sacred Will of the People.

If we're created in the image of God, and many of us believe that, then Trump must lack a lot not to understand he's playing with fire by robbing the American population. He's not complete in his cognitive powers. But those who can use the 25th Amendment to remove him for being unfit have failed in their responsibilities to the nation.

So I urge my fellow citizens to rise up to the occasion and even above it. To stand up strong, knowing there's nothing to lose but inhuman treatments by greedy maniac Trump who has wasted millions of taxpayers money visiting his properties.

His tantrums are childish and his eruptions are a disease. It's doubtful that Trump is healthy. There was a time he was toying the idea of using nuclear power to fight a tiny nation, North Korea.

Even at that age of 73, he doesn't know the value of people's lives, nor respect human rights or the Constitution of the United States of America.

Insult on injury has been the 285 Republicans in Congress who have watched Trump destroy our country. I'm told they are afraid of Trump’s base.

But Trump's base on its own cannot elect a President. I'm told that it's the fear of being challenged during primaries for Congress that makes republicans curl their tails between their legs like scared dogs.

But Congressional terms ain't life tenures. So why does a Republican lawmaker want to stay in Congress for life at the expense of violating their oaths of defending the Constitution and let Trump walk over our Democracy as if it his pig barn.

You and I have to come in, intervene and hold on to our beloved Democracy. That is why it's imperative to understand the importance of voting to elect Democrats on November 6 to safeguard our Democracy.

That's why apathy is not the right thing to do. Given how destructive Trump has been to our great nation, it's utterly important to remember to vote each time. That's an insurance for opportunities in America.

It's not too late. On November 6, we can change and own the coarse of America's future. It's ours and let's prove it by going to the polls and elect Democrats on that day, Tuesday, November 6.. We can elect a Congress that respects and protect the US Constitution. We can put a permanent stop on Trump’s destruction spree. Let's do it.

The Alarms Went Off In 2016

In November 2016, millions of voters stayed home. Those who came out to vote, included the most hateful people, most racist snakes from their holes. They gave Trump the slightest numerical edge in the swing states giving him electoral victory. Although Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump, because of the Electoral College which is outdated, Trump was "elected" by the Electoral College in December 2016. We have heard of members of the Electoral College getting threats and warned not to vote against Trump in the electoral college.

That is the past now. We need to focus on the midterms. One major election at a time. On November 6, we must elect Democrats to stop Trump?

Trump Can Be Stopped 

Trump can only be stopped by Congress which is an equal branch of government. There are 3 branches of the US Government: The Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court.

Congress being an equal branch of Government, can be a watchdog and ensure the Presidency is not being run as a dictatorship, monarchy, tyranny or autocracy.

But Congress is under the control of Republicans because many voters pay more attention to Presidential elections. If your party has a President and Congress is controlled by the other party then you're screwed. That's what happened with electing Obama. In the midterms of 2010, Obama voters stayed home. After electing Obama in 2012, Obama voters stayed home in the midterms of 2014. 4 million 2012 Obama stayed home in 2016, contributing to the insult called Trump.

After staying home or voting for someone else in 2016, Obama voters and all those who are angry Trump is raping the Constitution and Liberty of America daily, must not stay home on November 6, 2018.

If we come out in big numbers, like we did when when we elected Barack Obama in November 2008...

If we register to vote and turn out with enthusiasm, vigor and passionate joy on November 6 and vote for a Congress controlled by Democrats (because Democrats do care for people and don't have all that hate Republicans have),

If we have an overnight victory by Democrats on November 6,

We would have given America The Beautiful, a Land of Immigrants, a land of the free, a land supposed to be an idea and not a race all it had an more. If you woke up on the morning of November 9, 2016 and realized or despaired all paradise had been lost with the inconceivable "election" of a filthy maniac who is daily on the verge of being a cannibal, that can reversed on November 6.

If you feel helpless because you are burned by the daily abuses of power by a maniac Trump who doesn't seem normal by any stretch of the imagination, this can change on November 6, 2018.

Trump's Damage Can Be Reversed 

What damage Trump has done to this country can be reversed. What ugly songs he has sung with his ugliness, can be unsung, if you vote for Democrats and ensure an overwhelming victory of the Democratic Party on November 6, 2018. Anything that needs a team work can be done if you as a member of that team, play your part.

Do America the Beautiful a favor. Revive her beauty by voting for Democrats on November 6.

Be Ready To Restore USA from Trump 

The ball is in our court. Get your any paperwork or IDs ready, know the polling stations, practice mock rides to the future polling stations if you have time, so the day of November 6, the day that can reverse America if you play your part, is firmly planted in your mind.

Celebrate the image in your mind with happiness. Then it will be a reality.

It can be done if you play your part. Vote with passion and joy on November 6 to save your country, Amer, from the animal claws of inhuman Trump who is a poodle of Russia's Putin.

Elect Democrats and give them an overwhelming victory on November 6, 2018.

Protect yourself from Trump’s abuse of power and vote for Democrats on November 6and all future elections.

Let's give Democrats the most overwhelming victory in any midterms election this November 6, by getting out the biggest turnout of voters voting to elect Democrats ever.

Let the bells of protecting our Independence and great Democracy ring merrily and loudly after this upcoming Democratic victory on November 6. We'll make good history.

God Bless the United States of America and God Bless the saving of our Liberty from the talons and claws of carnivorous Trump, Putin and Republicans on November 6, 2018.

There's no man or woman, with breath in their nostrils like any other human being, who has a right to treat other human beings as less equal. You have a right to the Promised Land. Stand up and get it.

(HUBERT TEMBA is a writer/journalist/composer/producer/inventor/innovator/philosopher/thinker/multi-instrumentalist/creator/media influencer et al who holds the degrees of MSc BA DSJ from three accredited universities and is a two-time Fulbright Award Winner. He turned down 2 major offers: (1) Admission into 2nd Year Medical School, University of Dar es Salaam and (2) International Correspondent for Reuters News Agency job. He is the author of several books and music albums.)


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