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The Faces Of The Other Crowd



For the broken hearted ones,

And those who FAIL to make things straight

Even after counting from one to eight

So well that you can hear trumpets and sirens in the air.


I feel for the broken hearted and failures

Those who fell behind in the races

Those who could not spell well

In the classrooms of life

Those who were born into this world

Around tough and bleeding decadence...


The homeless and the homely.

The criminals and the molesters, and

Those who fall on the wayside by

Not realizing the equations of life,

Thus "failing" as they call it --

To walk like the rest...

..Will fall onto a stage like this:

The Homeless cleaning the remnants

Of radiation and rubbish


And it may not matter

If they get what is left over

From the radiation. For they don't feel

Some think.

For some like these

May not have achieved

Like her and him

In a world that can glitter

Neon lights only meant

For those who can mix in...


We have the untouchables

Yes we have the untouchables

Those who may not earn like we do

For they cannot earn like the rest do

They are the untouchables.


Japan is not alone hiring homeless

Putting them amidst the dumpsters

India has the "untouchables"

But lament to the whole world

For we have untouchables

In all our neighborhoods

Only to think of them, but rarely

When a disaster breaks loose

That those who think are strongest

Shed a tear like a broken hearted

Lastly disappointed maniac

And most like the crying journey

Of a refugee...


For we have to rise above occasions

Hold those who are falling

Help those who are limping...


For the cries for love

Are all within us

Under scoring that we feed

From the same heavenly nipple.


Hubert Temba, December 31, 2013.

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