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Better and better!!

Progress on Hubert Temba’s soon to be published book "Passages of Love" at the publisher’s production house is going well, according to the news received earlier this week. We expect the book production to go well and the book to come out in the next several months. Meanwhile Hubert is working on a new book called “Jewels” which he expects to finish soon. He is also writing songs for a new album which he believes will be “very very good”. He already has 66mp3s available for download on the web from his already released 6 CDs. Hubert is happy that there is a good response now from all over the world for his music. And he hopes he will eventually be able to play in front of millions or billions of people from all over the world. At the right time!!!With a message of love.!!! Bearing in mind, that love is what the world so much wanted, so much wants and will always so much want -- yesterday, today and tomorrow -- touring the whole world seems so much possible for Hubert Temba. And easy too. He expects to tour with his band. Last week he visited a club in Minneapolis, MN and taught the stage band the musical basics of his song “Flyin’ High In Ecstasy”. The accompanying musicians played well and he sang and rocked his guitar and the rest is history. They were dancing (the crowd) and strongly and passionately wanted him back. Hubert now loves to play live. He spent several years composing and recording only. Staying away from the stage. Now he feels ready for the stage and audience. Now he is going live!! So stay in tune with this website and we will let you know when he is going to rock the house down next. © 2006 Hubert Temba Music (ASCAP) Msawi Universal Studios ™