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Bill Richardoson's endorsement of Barack Obama today

Today Hubert Temba writes: "Today's endorsement of Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential candidate has long lasting reverberations. I am glad that Mr Richardson did the endorsement today at the right time. Although Mr Richardson watched the Super Bowl with the Clintons earlier this year together while watching the New England Patriots being humuliated by the New York Giants, eating muchies together did not move the tides. The speech of Barack Obama touched on something even none of the superdelegates has tried to touch on or has the ability and inspiring abirility to touch on this tough subject. Leading America which used to be the most respected and most looked upon nation in the world needs an intelligent person to be in the white. And this time we have a man who is very rare and very intelligent and as Governor Richardson said in his endorsement speeck and also while talking to the media, he said Obama is what we get once in lifetime. Because of this kind of rarity is finding someone like Obama who can unite the USA and bring the old respect which the whole world saw in America all those years ago, now we have a chance to rekindle that. Mr Richardson said he made his decision final after listening to Mr Obama's speech earlier this week. Mr Obama had gone as far as urging that we have to put this race question to rest, instead of letting it linger on for years and years. Mr Richardosn is a superdelegate. He has vast experience in diplomacy and foreign affairs that include his gig with the United Nations. Some have suggested that Mr Richardson would be Mr Obama's running mate. If that happens, the Democrats will be in the white house. I guarrantee you that. I think if Obama is the nominee, he should pick Mr Richardson as his running mate. That will without doubt end Republicans' stay in the white house. There also has been rumours that the present Secretary of State is going to be Obama's running mate. She would be a good addition in Mr Obama's Presidency but I think Mr Richardson would be a good selection for a running mate in the USA to make history that happens maybe once in a very long long time. Obama already has a lot of African American supporters. He needs the Latino vote to tilt any miscosceptions. I believe he will follow my advice. He is a very intelligent individual, and he is so much like myself. What I say in music and my compositions he says in his presidential speeches. I just can't wait to visit him in the white house in 2009." HUBERT TEMBA can be reached at