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As the search for the answers as to why the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis, MN, USA collapsed on August 1, 2007 continues, Hubert Temba, a thinker, philosopher and inventor, has been pondering this too. He finally writes that such a thing can be a rude awakening for us to know that there are bridges that have collapsed between many races and peoples all accross the world including inside the USA. Hubert does not support the flimsy thinking that bridges should never collapse in America. Such type of thinking should be put next to the ugly stories about hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the collapse of the World Trade Center in September 2001. When one thinks that nothing like this or that is possible here or there, they are wrong. All things are possible, is the truth that is older than the hills. As humbling, painful and sorrowful as the collapse of the I-35 is, it can also be looked at from various angles. Above all and very glaring is the truth that anything of a deafening loudness and astronomically heartbreaking heights can happen even on the threshold of your own homestead. Hubert Temba believes we should all search within ourselves for peace and deeper understanding. It is painful, yes, but is life not a vast endless learning process, Hubert asks. Humility within ourselves and at the same time counting our blessings, could be one of the medicines on the prescription towards healing. Some of us have access to air conditioning while temperatures can reach even 120 degrees in Iraq and reports say that there is no water. In India there are floods and people have no luxuries. Fires keep on ravaging in Montana in the USA and more than 200 houses are said to have been evacuated. People in the Third World have little access to modern medicine, and millions are dying from AIDs and the number of orphans sour higher than the clouds in the sky. Hubert Temba reminds us that humility comes before grace and we should humble ourselves and look at the big picture. That might help. This is the fact of the day today from Hubert Temba.