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Forget it Reoublicans and McCain, women will not vote for fallopian tubes and ovaries. They will vot

Re: Jane "Forget the issues for a moment" Do some of you people even hear yourselves talk? For all the talk about McCain "putting country first," the strategy to elect him this time around so Hillary can run again in 2012 is pretty deceitful. He talks about corruption in Washington, and then his supporters openly try to bribe the female vote. Disgusting. The reason Palin is going to flop is because independents, Hillary supporters, and women in general are smart enough to see through a blatant political stunt and vote on issues rather than ovaries. "Forget the issues..." honestly. This isn't junior high student council. You might as well say "Vote for Palin because boys are gross!" Posted by: Sophia | Aug 31, 2008 1:41:08 PM