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For the dear friends and fans of HUBERT TEMBA: The CD "RHYTHMS OF LOVE" has been very high on the charts at lately. It was charted at number 42 out of thousands of CDs. It is now at number 47. Another CD of his: "FIVE YEARS IN PARADISE" is charted at number 161 out of thousands of CDs. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. His book "PASSAGES OF LOVE" is available at, and many many other book distributors/stores accessible all over the world. Make sure you get your copy and have the reading material by your friend HUBERT TEMBA at your whereabouts or places of residence all the time. Buy the book for yourself. Buy the book for your friends. Introduce his music and writing to anybody. He is on the mission to spread bigger love. He is about spreading BIGGER love in this world. Buy the music, the book(s), the CDs, the MP3s for your friends and family, for Christmas, any holidays, birthdays.