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Hubert officially supports Barack Obama for US Presidency

Hubert said tonight that he has made up his mind to support Senator Barack Obama to be the next president of the USA. Hubert was born on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, the seventh highest mountain on earth. And Obama's father was born on the shores of Lake Victoria (a lake named after a British queen who had nothing to do with the making of the lake.) Queen Victoria had debates in her mind on whether she should give the (Mt Kilimanjaro)mountain to Kenyans or Tanganyikans. And she gave the mountain to Tanganyika, before Hubert and even Obama's father was born on the shores of the lake. The Luo which is the tribe from where Barack's biological father comes from has some of the smartest people in Africa. Maybe it is because they eat fish which is good food for the brain. Hubert's tribe however, is called the Chagga tribe tribe, which has been described by some of the leaders from African presidency as being "the jews of Tanzania..." Julius Nyerere believed that Hubert's tribe was and is the "Jews of Tanzania.." Hubert lives in the United States now and he would like a smart guy like Obama to be the next president of the United States of America. Hubert does not believe a person with an IQ that is low should lead people. That is why we have shelters for retarded people. Hubert believes that the president of the United States should be an educated person, a person with a wide diversity knowledge, a person who has energy and charisma to wake up this sleeping nation, a person who has no bad baggage or connection to histories of bad baggage, and a person who will face the media, stay with his or their kids, create a good example for the world. The world is looking at Anmerica. And the unfortunate thing about America is that there are too many people who have it easy in America and they really do not know where it came from. There are smart people watching. They are watching to see how people like to handle someone running for prosident. And it becomes very very stupid when people go out and dig out the history about Barack's ancestors from his mother's side. Lame reason. Because he is black. Did the same people dig up stuff and any other presidential candidate? Like Bill Clinton, George Bush, Hilary Clinton. No they did not not. There is something very lame about America. In America there are poor journalists, poor many things. There are retardnesses in many fields. People in New York who think that Wisconsin is a city instead of the fact that it is a state. There is a rumour that one of our presidents did not know much about the UK....(which is supposed to be one of America's strongest allies...) Barack is smart. He is the kind of person who will either beat me at harvard and i would return the same and say "hey, let us change this country. we can do it..." Barack's people have been corresponding with Hubert. But today Hubert makes his decision to support SENATOR BARACK OBAMA FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES. May God bless Obama, in this path of bringing truth, justice and fairness to the whole world including the USA. The same people do not dig up anything about Hilary Clinton's or Edwards's ancenstors. It happens only when some one running is a black or...This is is wrong and very evil... Of course there is something very wrong... So Hubert asks "what is wrong with America...? Maybe there are too many peole getting too many things for nothing and they forgot there is a history of blacks working for masters and getting paid nothing and only getting redIculled.. Hubert says when he sees someone getting paid and not doing ANY WORK THAT WARRANTS to get paid and when he looks and sees that the people who are working are black, Hubert says (THESE MOTHERF.... ARE STILL PRACTICING SLAVERY...AND THEY SHOULD HANG LIKE SADDAM HUSSEIN).. MAYBE WE SHOULD CALL IT THE DEVIL ON THE CROSS.. (if those idiots touch a bible on a daily basis..) it becomes a more poisonous thing. Hubert adheres to fairness. That is why we have the fair practices acts is several civilized countried. But people may not know those acts. Because of all these wrongs there will never be peace on earth. Those who have it all for nothing abuse others and are never fair. No peace on earth. There will never be peace on earth because there is no fairness anywhere. Hillary Clinton will not do anything to change anything. Hubert says we should give BARACK OBAMA a chance to change the world for better. And Hubert promises if we elect Barack as the next US President, Hubert will work with Obama, to change America and change the world. Hubert will advise Obama no matter what. And Hubert is very passionate about things and there will be no problem in steeering this world to the right direction... Hubert today officially endorsed Senator Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States of America.