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HUBERT TEMBA gets more and other artisitic distribution.

Hubert Temba, already dubbed as a "guitar virtuoso" and "one of the greatest guitarists of the modern era.." (courtesy of Music Ghost, UK), has just discovered he has the blessings of invading the digital music distribution universe. So far, more than nine universal digital music distribution stores are handling his music worldwide. And Hubert thanks the Most Powerful And Almighty GOD of ours for all that. For Hubert knows he wouldn't be able to do it by himself if he did not get power and all the supernatural help from Heaven... For now, among the digital distributors are: AppleiTunes MP3tunes PlayIndies Bitmunk Ruckus Etherstream Emusic MSN Music MusicMatch To get a glimpse or feel of what is going on, you can easily access some of the records regarding this news item at the following... Please follow exactly what is on the information below: is now offering Hubert Temba’s music. You can hear him and read about him and buy his music at the following link: His music is also being featured among other sites at MSN Music. Link: And also AppleiTunes (“The # 1 music download store”). Link: The other digital distributors are MP3tunes website: Link: And Bitmunk. Website: Links: Ruckus: Students from American and other universities with affiliation to the Ruckus Network can now exploit the age of digital music distribution and have a chance to listen to Hubert Temba’s music and even download/buy it at an affordable price. Etherstream: Emusic.