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Hubert Temba performs his hit song "Barbados" at Blue Nile

He was supposed to sing and play his guitar with studio-made recording of the rest of the rhythm section. He stood there on stage, and the band did not want to leave. They just wanted a piece of his music. They did not know this song of which he told them, has so far sold more copies to the world than any other song he has produced. Yes "Barbados" is a hit on ITunes and everywhere in the whole world. ("Barbados" as one song, has brought more royalties to Hubert Temba than any other song he has out there in the whole world so far.) But on stage at the Blue Nile, behind him the ten-people or so who are called musicians, stood still. On Hubert's right there was a saxophone player, a keyboard player, a conga player. Behind him there was a drummer and a bass player. And infront of him there was a crowd. He introduced the song and talked about its popularity to the crowded house. Pre-recorded CD went live with drums, strings, bass etc. He played his Hendrix-like blue Fender strat guitar through wah pedal that is said to be the best in the world and through an array of expensive guitar pedals. Then the music was sweet and beautiful. And to Hubert's surprise the ten or so guys on stage with instruments joined in. As the whole place became loud, Hubert would conduct the band and gesticulate to them on when to hush or where a change in the chord progression or crescrendo was supposed to be on. Several people jumped from their seats and started dancing. And the songwriter guitarist who has been named by some as music maestro or guitar virtuoso bellowed it out. It was loud and he would not let anything or anybody bring this down or the performance of his sweet song down. The band rumbled and Hubert Temba took control of everything and used all the gesticulations, stage moves he knew and showed his passion which is always liked by the audience, especially the girls. When the pre-recorded music was complete Hubert stayed on stage and kept on jamming with the band which happened to be made of very good musicians. Hubert Temba was late, like all busy people. He arrived at Blue Nile a little after 10:30pm on July 3, 2007 and was told that he would not have a chance to play. This was an impromptu, decided by Hubert just two hours before the start of the show and information was put on this website during the last minute time. The sound man was very nice to Hubert and so was the Emcee. The Emcee added Hubert's name to the already-said full list so that Hubert can provide what destiny wants him to deliver to the world -- sweet music full of love peace and happiness. Hubert appreciates the gestures of people who enable him to do what is here on earth to do. Hubert is going to be visible and very vocal on the music scene. So keep track of this website and you will never regret it. After his performance, Hubert was congratulated by new fans, some of them very nice and beautiful people. The world is getting better. The world is changing, Hubert believes everything is better. Everything is greater. Everything is sweeter. Everything is Good!! Hubert feels good about the whole thing. And progress is on its way...very good path! Keep in touch with info from this website.