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Hubert Temba reveals more of the soul of America in the midst of political fighting and rumor monger

And you idiots who support the status quo and so called white suprimacy idiocy or white trusteeship, check this out: I am quoting one of you who got saved from the fracas of being devishly prejudiced. Read this which I did not write and maybe you will need a sleeping pill after this. Please stop ridiculing Obama. He is smart enough to unite the USA and the world. What is wrong with you people. Without Obama being the next President of the USA, the USA is gone. Your pride will take you to the pitholes, to the cesspools of despair. And you know what? When you don't love your neighbor as yourself your neighbor knows that. And all America's neighbors etc they all know that. They can explode and diminish this little proud country anytime. Pride goes before a fall, so says Proverbs in the Bible. Why can't Americans lose their pride. Vote for Barack Obama, he will unite all of you!!