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Hubert Temba
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Hubert's music compiled into a playlist by MSN MUSIC. Revised edition.

MSN Music has put together a playlist of 20 songs composed, performed, recorded and produced by HUBERT TEMBA. On its website it has christened the list as "Top Hubert Temba Songs on MSN Music's playlist." According to MSN Music, the top three songs from the currect HUBERT TEMBA's MP3s on the internet are 1. "FOLLOW YOUR MIND, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART" 2. "SOUL SATISFIER" and 3. "CRY". But HUBERT TEMBA has 66 MP3s on the internet available right now. And these are being distributed globally by more than 40 digital distribution companies. The playlist compiled by MSN Music costs only $19.80. To witness for yourself, visit and search for HUBERT TEMBA under search search for artist section. Or you can use any of the popular search engines like MSN Search, and just type the name HUBERT TEMBA's name. The search engine will also lead you to a lot of links with information regarding HUBERT TEMBA, his music and much more. Enjoy your surfing regarding this artist. This will lead you to hundreds of liniks with such information and sources for his musical work.