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McCain is not a maverick

once the 24 hour shock wears off the facts of Ms Palin will need to be answered: (a) her financial statement of 2007 shoes she is worth $10million. As she never held a job that would produce this kind of income and her family is not of means and her husband is a union member- where was this fortune amassed? (makes her net worth 2 1/2 time more than Sen Obama who wrote 2 best selling books) (b) she wants creationism taught in schools (c) she does not believe in Global Warming (d) She is anti choice (e) she is ot for equal pay for equal work (f) she was FOR the Bridge for Nowhere - as matter of fact this was part of her platform in 2006 in running for governor. She accepted the money from congress for her state. She then decided not to go ahead with the bridge but kept the money for other projects. Reformer? I don't think so She is for a windfall profit tax on the oil companies which is a pillar of Obama's campaign (and McCain is against) She is for drilling in Anwr (which McCain is against) John McCain - made a decision who would/could be a heartbeat away from the Presidency on a person he met ONCE and had ONE telephone call with This is not the sign of a Maverick This is RECKLESS and cynical Stop with the talking points - this is the audition for the most powerful person in the world -- If he wanted to shake it up and have a female running mate - what about Condi Rice? Kay Bailey Hutchinson? Christy Whitman? There are Republican women of substance - he didn't pick one The man is 72 years old and been through four bouts of cancerand this is putting Country First? I think not - this is putting blind ambition first John McCain doesn't get it Posted by: alison | Aug 31, 2008 2:50:17 PM