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The HUBERT TEMBA camp today released some song clips from the artist's latest CD "WHEN A WOMAN IS IN LOVE, SHE'S PRETTIER THAN PRETTY". You can listen to these clips either on a modem dial up or broadband internet access. You will be able to hear and get a feel of the songs. HUBERT TEMBA is planning to tour the world with his band. If you would like to hear him live or would like your town to be included in his world tour please send a general email to "" and someone from his camp will get back to you, ASAP. We believe in Love. And HUBERT TEMBA's music is about love and about making this world a better place to live on. Be a part of it and we will all celebrate. We invite you to enjoy the new song clips which are only a tip of the iceberg of what HUBERT TEMBA can do. We hope that you will be able to listen or hear HUBERT TEMBA and his Band in concert in a town or concert stadium near you soon, wherever you may be on this planet. Please enjoy the song clips. Hope you email us soon. The new song clips are: 1. WHEN A WOMAN IS IN LOVE, SHE'S PRETTIER THAN PRETTY 2. STILL LOOKING FOR LOVE, PERFECT WAY 3. WE SHOULD LOVE OUR CHILDREN 4. WHEN THE ROCKING GETS FUNKY, THE FUNKY GETS ROCKING 5. HEY GIRLS...I'M YOUR ROMEO 6. GOOD LOVE DON'T COME EASY 7. WINNING 8. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST LIGHT OF YOUR SMILE (with lyrics) 9. ONE STEP CLOSER, BIG TIME LOSER 10. MOTHERS EVERYWHERE ARE CRYING, IT'S A SAD THING