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Our Beautiful World

A sibling of is being moulded as we speak. It is called "". We do not know what it will look like, but it is looking like it will be good. Don't worry. Check it out. It is still being constructed. If you don't like how it looks like, fine, don't worry, for it will change to the many faces of your liking or some of your likings. We will do our best to get you close to the holy grail many of us have been seeking. But we will not promise you heaven! Just let us know by emailing " Hubert Temba wrote a poem called "Our Beautiful World dot Net." and the poem is there. If you read the first lines of every line and write their first letters down, you will end up with "OURBEAUTIFULWORLD.NET" If you have any comments or anything to say, email Hubert Temba at And you will get a response. Enjoy.