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Question About Cindy McCain,the one who is always behind McCain on cameras, like a shadow ...

McCain says that Obama is out of reach Because he says Obama supported sex education What is wrong for kids to know of predators? Sexual predators, people who fondle kids and even babies McCain is out of touch Cindy McCain is out of touch With so many beers being sold to minors And they get raped on the street While Cindy McCain cannot campaign Or be on her own Does she have children to take care of? Or is she just another mannequin Yes Cindy McCain is a mannequin Look at her every time Even when Palin talks She is there What a troubled family I can do for myself And Cindy McCain or John McCain They cannot do what I am doing We are smarter than that Cindy McCain is a Mannequin. Why should a wife follow a man running for president? Is he so handicapped? Yes he is., Karl Rove said the man The man who is running for President Cannot even raise his hands above his head How is he going to salute? Garbage. Why McCain does has a Bimbo for a wife And she has all this money from Beer Company And she walks behind him all the time not campaign for him elsewhere Because there is something missing here. Americans should be able to realize That a presidential candidate with a wife behind her all the time is not worth it Worse is the fact that McCain does not even know how many homes he owns He does not even know that Cindy McCain maybe buying another house down the street With taxpayers’ money because Wall Street is falling and thing do not hold McCain is stubborn yes. That is ok. But you cannot be stubborn to the American people. There are too many smart people here. The General in Iraq does not approve this kind of shit from McCain and Republicans. That includes Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Last night when he was talking with one of the best news anchors in the world, Mr. Tom Brokaw, Rudy avoided Tom’s questions. As a Fulbright Award myself, I would have pinned him down and told him that “you did not answer my question…I asked you a question about this or that and you answered by talking about Obama. That IS AN f for an answer. Many of these people being interviewed skip the answer and instead of answering the question jump head on Obama. Just criticitising Obama from nowhere when he is not even part of the question. I will never and God will never forgive such hypocrisy and even these bigots and idiots. Their day is coming. Judgment day, Lord. Help me God.