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Republicans just want to run this counry on flat tires. No to that.

This is about ISSUES and a NEW VISION for the country heading into the 21st century, what McCain and now Palin is doing is getting behind the WHEEL of the BUSH CAR that has been running on 4 FLAT TIRES for the PAST 8 years. Mccain wants to take your tax dollars and waste it on war and continue to ruin our economy . Barcak wants to take that same money and actually take care of AMERCAS own backyard , that means building road /bridges. forwardinG money to states to fix school , healthcare, programs that creat jobs, the environment .. ETC.. THIS IS LESS ABOUT THE CANDIDATES AND MORE OF WHAT IS IN THEIR PLATFORM . Posted by: mike | Aug 31, 2008 1:56:40 PM