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The Fate Of American Politics vs Prosperity

On Deember 27, 1999, at 8:17am Hubert Temba completed an article entitled "FLIGHT SECURITY" that was included in his book "PASSAGES OF LOVE" pushed August 2006. In that article Hubert predicted the September 11, 2001 terrorism attacks. He had written that article together with others trying to land a gig as a syndicated columnist since highly educated Hubert also has a Masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Newspapers did not pay attention to his articles one of which would have saved this country and the rest of the world tears like rain with a lot of pain. Hubert had Dell laptop then which had given him problems. Those problems sent the point home that security whether at the airport or anywhere else can involve a lot of minute sometimes comas or periods which if misplaced can cause a big havoc. The he talked about airport security which could benefit from detailed checking that may look like the inside of a laptop. Well, the truth came to be that security at airports and even on the air is not that tight. And Hubert underscored this in his article. Had some papers published this prophesy and warning and had George Bush heard of Hubert's warning, we would have the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. We would not be at war in Iraq today if we had done what Hubert taught us to do. Today Hubert Temba issued this statement" "Now we have a man running for President. He does not know how to use a computer. He does not know that Al Qaida is very literate in computers. "Our security depends so much on internet security. We have a John McCain who does know how to send an email, does not what a virus is, does not know what spam is, does not know the difference between IBM and Dell, does not know what anti-virus is. "Yet he wants to leader of everybody in America and the world. How does who does not know lead people who know. It is an insult to people who know. McCain is out of touch of himself. Getting shot in a war is no means to be a maverick. How many people have been shot in wars. Many. Do we put them in the white house because they were shot down in a war. This argument does not hold any water. "Not anymore. No more of George Bush. No more of the ending years. No more of being fooled. Americans deserve a better leader than one who cannot use the computer or send an email. "The fate is in the voter on November. If you vote for McCain you are voting for ridicule and more years of weeping and suffering. If you vote for Obama-Biden you will bring the good old days of JFK and properity/respecct. The ball is in your hands for November 4. You can dig a hole which will be ugly and really ugly by voting for McCain or you can regain happiness and prosperity by voting for Obama/Biden. I will vote for Obama/Biden. I don't know about you. It is your fate you are playing with. I know what will make America good again. My Obama/Biden Choice."