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The hit song: "Barbados" performed at a major Diversity talent show

Hubert Temba today performed his new arrangement of the hit song "Barbados" during a major relevant diversity talent show. The name of the major organization will not be released here, but the organization is one if not the best in the whole world in what it does to people. Other talented performers preceded Hubert in a show that included Hispanics, Africans and the rest of the world. In the midst of women moving emotionally to the lyrics: "I saw that look of love in your eyes../I knew you were my angel in disquise..." Hubert's background rhythm section was not Muscle Shoals type but more R&B oriented. He had pre-preduced the whole rhythm section, with strings, B3 organ sounds, piano, bass, and Yamaha Xpress type of drums. Realizing how easy it is to forget that when one is talented immensely, it is easy to take it for granted, he thanked his friend Eric Carlson, who has been urging him, encouraging him and following his success story with faith. Whe Eric heard "Barbados" four years ago, he played it two times in his car before he got home and the next thing he did was to take the song to a radio station. Today, when fans came to Hubert and said "your performance was phenomenomal.." amidst other compliments, Hubert would just say: "It is gonna be better from now on.." Stay tuned for other developments.