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THE HOPELESSNESS OF AMERICAN POLITICS: THE MINDSET OF THE REPUBLICANS IS TANTAMOUNT TO THE MINDSET OF HYENAS by Hubert Temba DSJ, BA, MSc. Two Fulbright Awards. Deep down the hearts, soul, spirits and minds of Americans, there is the hue and cry for change. Republicans have exploited Americans for too long and many Americans’ souls are hurting for a freedom from that kind of bondage. As a result of that yearning for water because there is a lot of thirst here in the USA, many Americans, especially the young and those who understand between virtue and vice have supported Barack Obama in huge numbers. It is because he is of a mixed race or not, although some imbeciles have brought the question of race into picture. It is because the man is very intelligent and very talented that you can only pray to God for sending this man with gigantic charisma. Many, especially the right wing Republicans have envied his talents. But when he went overseas and spoke to 200,000 people in Berlin it showed that even the Pope would not draw a crowd of that size. When he visited one of the smaller states in the USA on a Sunday, he drew 70,000 people to listen to him. That is not his making. The One who created Barack Obama gave him all these traits. And some especially Republicans do not know the front from the back of the hand. Both sides of the hand came from God. Yet these foolish Republicans are ridiculing hundreds of thousands of people who have come to listen to Obama. The same fools are responsible for the mockery about Christ. This man Obama is God send. Republicans should just lay down the pants or change them and start praying for redemption. If they don't they will pay for it. Republicans think that they are entitled to run the world. They are not. Republicans think they can use the race card and win, they will not. Republicans think that they know God. Many times they have shown their ignorance in the realm of knowing the Creator. Republicans are a bunch of red necks whose are so red they need to take allergy medicines of some sort. Maybe they will wake up from the stupor. The stupor to realize that the whole world belongs to all of us weighs down heavily on our shoulder blades. It is an awakening that the whole of America needs to change. And the change has to be led by someone who has gone to college. A man that went to colleges and racked up good grades is a smart man. My philosophy is that if someone has gone to college and racked up good grades, has testified before intelligent professors about their projects and has won respect from these intelligent professors, that person can easily lead because he has proven it. And if that person went to a good college, that is even a bigger plus. Managing the United States needs someone who is very intelligent. Getting shot down in a war is not intelligence. Owning a bunch of oil in Texas (like the Bushes) is not intelligence. A The real good colleges with good grades. For if a leader has not written a good paper how he will manage crises. And Obama finished in the top 1% of the Harvard Law Graduating class. What a smart man. What about Bush. His grades at Yale were pretty bad. For the first time we have a man who is smart enough to lead the USA. And that is Senator Barack Obama. But the Republicans are still yawning from the stupor. Check the following: Now Karl Rove is behind all this mess. He was the same engineer of Bush's election. But Rove has been involved is some scandals too. He is as scandalous a liar as McCain is a grumpy old man who will ruin this country if he is elected into a wheelchair president with bumps and bandages on his face and a pill and drug inhaling bimbo blonde wife. Americans in the voting ages must have enough commonsense that wherever they put their votes the outcome will come out of their pockets for rising gas prices, soaring foreclosures and lots of people ending in catholic charity rooms and sleeping under bridges and palm trees. To vote in November is easy. But to vote for tragedy is easy too. Do you want to vote for failure and tragedy? Do you want to vote for pain in the neck and hues and cries? It is a matter of voting for respect which was there for the USA when John F Kennedy was the president. John F Kennedy was charismatic too like Barack Obama. There was a beautiful woman linked to the Kennedys too then and that was Marylyn Monroe. But not to John F. Kennedy. Now the foolish old-style politics campaign of McCain is linking the likenesses of Spears and Hilton to Obama. What a loser believes. A loser believes if he links a man’s charisma to two Hollywood stars like Spears and Hilton he will change from being a loser to a winner. That is a dream that will only backfire on this kind of loser. He will wake in the morning when the traffic lights turn red on him and he won't be able to drive on the freeway of modern politics. But losers are not choosers and McCain is a loser. It is not about Obama. It is about the consciousness of Americans. Deep down in people’s hearts, minds, souls and spirit, there is a void crying for change. There is the ulcer of being exploited by Republicans for the last eight years. That ulcer which present inside everyone is bleeding. It is crying. It needs healing. And the healing comes from change. That is why McCain and the Republicans have no chance in November this year. The voice from within has spoken and the time is this year. Republicans have no change in winning in November this year. A rolling stone gathers no moss. John McCain has no plans to save this country from the mess it is in now. Terrorism, war in Iraq, failure to capture Osama, skyrocketing gas and other prices... McCain is very desperate. It is my experience that an empty tin makes a lot of noise. Americans are tired of paying a lot of money for gas. They are not interested in images of Spears and Hilton. And McCain is so desperate he will lie. But lies do backfire and his time is coming. I think the people who give money to the McCain campaign are wasting their hard earned dollar. They should use that money to pay their mortgages or pay their kid's college education. Giving money to the McCain campaign is a waste. It is like throwing dollar bills in a Christmas party where the party goers are singing carols and you can even hear the carols, because the music of the carols is set in the wrong keys and all the instruments they are playing in that church music are out of tune. His campaign workers don't even know the direction they should take for their candidate. They are as stupid as they are all showing signs of dementia. And political observers have assured me that their recent attacks on Obama are going to backfire. And many of them will be out of work pretty soon. The campaign ad writers are being investigated by the FBI because they infringed copyright. They did not get permission to use the likenesses of Hilton and Spears in one of the latest ads. What a bunch of hooligans who are also imbeciles who do not know federal laws and go around infringing copyrights. McCain’s campaign is run by a bunch of fools who dropped out of high school and do not know anything about compliance and the statutes of this country. They should be punished and they will be punished. First they did not even ask for permission from Hilton to use her likeness in their ads. That is copyright infringement. If I was an advisor to the Hiltons I would ask her to sue McCain for so much money that he will run out of his retirement money. McCain and his campaign are a bunch of imbeciles, buffoons. They lack education, creativity and innovation. They are heading John McCain to retirement early. And he will go to retirement. Because he will not help Americans the way this campaign is breathing. To spend campaign money to talk about Obama and not the problems facing Americans is an insult to the voter in America. If anybody in America wants to pay less in gas and have the name of USA returned and have respect returned to the USA they should vote their conscience and not for lies. The fate of America is in your pocket. Not in McCain’s lies. It is the American voter who will change the destiny of the US. It does not lie in campaign ads of the nature of John McCain’s campaign. The fate is in your hands Americans. It is time for a change. It is time we lower gas prices. It is times we turn a deaf ear to the lies of the Republicans. It is time elect the voice of Change, Senator Barack Obama and other Democrats in November 2008. It can be done. Let all of us elect Senator Obama to be President of the USA HUBERT TEMBA has three university degrees. He has won two Fulbright Awards consecutively. He is a book author, a music composer, record producer with over 90 songs on ITunes. His smash world-wide hit song “BARBADOS” is one of the most popular songs of all time anywhere. In his book “PASSAGES OF LOVE” he predicted the 9 11 terrorist attack, in the book “THE SACRED WILL OF THE PEOPLE” he writes about why socialism and communism fail. In his newest book: “PEARLS AND JEWELS, PETALS AND ROSES, VENUS AND MOON” he shows you why he is a great poet like Bob Dylan and William Shakespeare. He is a serious Grammy Award and Nobel Prize contender any year any season.