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Your VOTE on NOVEMBER 4, 2008 (MARK THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR) can mean higher week after week gas price

Republicans claim they are Christians, very staunch ones. No sex before marriage. Ha ha. The talk about family values and they hallucinage about being superior than dems about that. But when they do primaries they shoot themselves in the feet. They elect McCain who should soon be walking using a cane. (You like that rhyme and pun). And then they like the buffoons they are, thinking Americans who have a free divine oriented will, will buy into their hippocricy. Now McCain, with his souring dementia and selinity thinks Americans are foolish enough to elect him because he picked a woman because of her estrogen, ovaries, fallopian tubes and the river between her legs. That pathetic. McCain and any republican who thinks and supports his selection of Palin think they are rulling and island. We have talents in America. And the republicans who are supporting McCain's choice of VP are just insulting all of what America is all about. If republicans are so much into pro life and christians why can't take care of your own house. St. Paul wrote that "charity begins at home.." and the supporters of McCain's choice of Palin as a running are just ignorant of what Christianity is about. They are ignorant. Those who voted for Bush for 8 years and are now supporting McCain are also sinking in the same bucket of thinking or empty thinking. Voters should vote for somebody who will work for the improvement of the economy and I doubt Palin has that mental ability. A former beauty with a degree in journalism and a stint in sports reporting, and an experience of being a mayor of a small country town which does not even have Wallmart or a major television station does not have the ability and imagination to lead a country of millions of people, face foreign dictators, stop violence in the Middle East. This shows that McCain is so old he is losing his ability to make judgements. With this kind of poor judgment, McCain if elected will choose: Secretary of State: MICKEY MOUSE; Attprney General: DONALD DUCK; Secretary of Defence: DARTH VADER; Secretary of Education: KERMIT THE FROG; Secretary in charge of making sure that the war in Iraq continues for 100 years: OSAMA BIN LADEN; Secretary of Making Sure that the Democrats do not get to the White House: Osama bin KKK; Secretary who is really again Hollywood Stars: Arnold van Charles Mason. The list of the new positions he will create with this kind of think is long and really scary. The mind can be positively creative. But any psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you that there is something with the way McCain has shown he makes his judgment. History will tell. The White House is going to the Republicans from the look of things. I hope this article will enlighten some voters for the coming elections in November. On November 4. For every vote you are giving to the Republicans you are raising gas prices and signaling for more job layoffs and bringing down the econimy. For every vote you give to the Republicans you are bringing America down notch after notch. Don't get robbed. Your vote is your success and good life in your future. Vote carefully everybody. Protect yourself by voting against the past 8 eight years this country has gone through. The ball is in your court, write your future or failure. Vote OBAMA-BIDEN on November 4, 2008.