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Heaven On Cloud Seven

Book of Love Poems

You always wanted to tell your lady that you loved her and you could not find the words. You always wanted to tell someone that you cared for them more than words can say. You wanted to write short little poems or long stanzas for the one that your heart loves and sings for and you could not find the words. This book will help you. People in love have an experience that many times is beyond the power of words. One can describe it as being on “seventh heaven” or a “cloud nine”. But whatever cloud they are on, the experience is romantic. These poems are lyrics, songs of love without rhymes. They may act as words of appreciation for the one that you love or in a romantic relationship with if you choose so. For a change, you can create a stage where you and your lover are the actors and imagine that these words are the expressions that you will rain romantically on your beloved one with. Whatever the choice, you will be able to experience a world of your own, a joy you may not have known about. You may be able to imagine that you are speaking these words of love or these songs of praise to a loved one. Whatever imagination you may choose it is all for your own making. But these poems are romantic. They are written with the mentality of appreciating a loved one. All in all, this book is a collection of poems singing praises for and about feminine beauty. They are lyrics of love, full of love and about the love for feminine beauty.