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Hubert Temba
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Jewels And Pearls, Petals And Roses, Venus And The Moon

Book of Lyrics to the songs of Hubert Temba

The words to the music of Hubert Temba are poetry and lyrics, full of rhymes and emotions beyond the power of description. He has more than six albums on and more han 90 songs on ITunes all over the world. No wonder some critics, fans and music enthusiasts have branded him "one of the greatest guitarists/inventors of the modern era", "music maestro", "virtuoso.." etc. But it does not stop there. He is a writer who can be compared to the prolific William Shakespeare, the ballad-weaving Paul Simon, the prophetic poet/composer/songwriter Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix. The poetry and lyrics that Hubert Temba delivers in this book give us a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg about him, props him on to a niche that only belongs to a special class of very talented creators and inventors of all time. Contained here are the poetic and lyrical words to his music that have lured and won many ears and hearts accross the world. Enjoy.