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Kilimanjaro, The Beautiful: A Journey In Between


Here is a book of narrative accompanying pictures taken in a journey on the land in between one of the world's most famous wonders of nature, Mt Kilimanjaro.

Not only are these photos new and rare, but were taken from deep inside the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Safari enthusiasts and Kilimanjaro climbers may have missed these scenes in their excursions.

This work is a collection of photos taken by the author during the month of December 2012. The photos were taken by a man who travelled on motorcycles or cars on roads sometimes marked by bumps.

The slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro are sometimes steep but accessible through roads of many types. The roads would sometimes meander around ranges of hills. Climbers of Mt. Kilimanjaro do not usually capture such photos as contained in this book which takes you to paths inside lands covered by plantains, coffee and many trees that decorate the beautiful slopes of the mountain