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Hubert Temba
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"Rhythms of Love"

Music CD

This is a complete CD of 17 songs (with a beautiful photo/art work on the cover, featuring Hubert Temba holding some of his guitars including a Thinline Fender Telecaster and a very rarely made Gibson Les Paul Guitar -- if you are interested in the physical part of it). The CD is also a very compelling combination of songs and productions that has left some musicians wondering why and how a musician can do all this. Check out the CD: 'Rhythms of Love' and after listening to the first three songs, you will sense the origin of so many 'whys' " Some musicians have wondered why one can play like this and also be able to produce, arrange, write poetry, essays and books, and be a Fulbright Award Winner. (For now, no one can tell.) Talents are given by God. You can keep in touch with Hubert Temba's other musical publications by often visiting the websites,