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The Cries For Love: Selected Poetry/or Selected Poems

Book of Selected and New Poems by Hubert Temba

This is a book of poems of cries for love. There are many hues and cries in the world. This book is a lamentation, a recording, a stamp of the feeling of mourning and almost despair but also has poetry of passion and romantic love. It is a stamp of what the world is in grips with yesterday, today and tomorrow. Apart from being a lament on the tragedies of the world today, it also explores love. The author revisits romantic love and the enigmas between the sexes. In a non-offensive way, the author presents several poems about the relationships between men and women. Just as the cover shows the pose of a black man and a white woman in an affectionate embrace the author brings the puzzles of not being able to live together peacefully in a world that was created for peace and tranquility by a maker who does not have eyes to treat colors differently but has a sense of love for all. In a universe in which the colors of the rainbow are perfect and the universe is balanced in its galaxies there is a need for replication of that balance in the way humans live on this earth, the cries for love wail. After the cries for love are echoed and after the ripples, the universe still balances itself. The cries for love is a reminder that all the going against the will for love is in vain for in the end, the pilgrimage will not be complete without one love on this earth. In "In The Creator's Sense" the author concludes that in these cries for love we are just pilgrims on this earth as the creator has made it.