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Hubert Temba
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Hollywood based record producer, worked with Michael Jackson and Natalie Cole

"..Hubert has the potential of becoming a superior songwriter..."

Former A&R associate for Warner Brothers Records for seven years. He helped in the signing of Christopher Cross ("Sailing") to Warner Brothers Records

"Hubert can easily top the charts in Europe...the guitar playing on 'Dream of My Life' is phenomenal...."

Bass player for the band "Shakin' Katies" and a former bass player for the Hubert Temba Band

"... playing in a band with HUBERT TEMBA was simply like being in the "HUBERT TEMBA EXPERIENCE"..."

KUOM RADIO, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

"...he is like Sting meets Bob Marley.."


"...I wish I have a fraction of his talents..."Barbados" is amazing. I had to listen to "Barbados" twice on my way home from work. Amazing..."

Acoustic guitar specialist, bluegrass musician, music instrument technician

"...his 'IT AIN'T FAIR" which is a ballad with a blues feel that he wrote, tells me that Hubert can write songs for any blues superstar in the whole world including the Superstar who plays the Lucille guitar, namely B.B. King..."

fellow musician

"...have you listened to his music on a big stereo? With woofers and nice big speakers. The chops are amazing, unbelievable..."

a fan and admirer

"...he is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), he can run for President of the United States, he is the best of the best...his name is Hubie..."

former employer

"...I want to hire your brother. I think it's genetic...."

fan and admirer

"...thinking about all this I tear up...he deserves recognition. I wanna take Hubert out for lunch..."

Lorna Johansen

"Hubert Temba has the genius/talents of only one person out of two billion people..." -- wrote Lorna Johansen in a long article/letter. Lorna was Hubert's English teacher in secondary school/high school at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro. The name of the school is/was Mawenzi Secondary School where Hubert set an academic school record. (Mawenzi being the name of the cragged peak, a part of the famous Mt Kilimanjaro, which is on the east or your right as you come from the south. Lorna Johansen came from Canada as an English language teaching volunteer and the talents of Hubert shocked her especially when he wrote a powerful poem entitled "The War Song" in 20 minutes of English language class... Lorna had not seen anything like this and she started carrying Hubert on her Vespa, until the head of the English Department at the school, the late R. Exley said to Lorna that her presence around Hubert would influence the writing of Hubert. But Lorna and Hubert kept it going anyway.

Rebecca, one of Hubert's smart medical doctors

"He has the gifts of 50 people combined". Rebecca was just out of medical school and very smart and she was Hubert's physician at a top and accredited university in the United States when she found out one of her patients was Hubert, could write music, record music and produce music and also show his literary genius.

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