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Love Peace Happiness

Hubert Temba

Dance, Electronic, DJ, Deep House, Guitarist

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Hubert Temba, was in previous albums compared to Jimi Hendrix, Sting, Bob Marley and Santana and Mark Knopfler, now releases a new album 'LOVE PEACE HAPPINESS', which takes popular dance, electronic music to a higher level. Hubert Temba's virtuosity is very evident in these 9 new tracks including a few blazing guitar riffs. This is some departure from the screaming guitar oriented 'RHYTHMS OF LOVE' album that contained the still very popular song 'BARBDOS'.

THANKS TO: Paul Henry, Elizabeth C. Goelz MD, Solange, Bill at EMI, Latevi Lawson, Lester & Faridah Thomas, All Angels God has brought to my life. Special thanks to Al Barnes for urging me to finish this album.

SOCIAL LINKS: Website:, Twitter: @HubertTemba, Facebook:

COPYRIGHT: ©2016 HUBERT TEMBA Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, sampling, remixing, duplication for commercial gain and redistribution are prohibited. All material in this album is protected by copyright.

RECORDING: All songs arranged, performed, recorded and mastered by HUBERT TEMBA at Msawi Universal Studios, USA. SONGWRITING AND COMPOSING: All lyrics and music by Hubert Temba. Published 2016 by HUBERT TEMBA Music (ASCAP) in the USA.

MUSICIANS: Hubert Temba: Lead and background/harmony vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, samplers, pianos, organs, Takamine acoustic/electric guitar, Fender Telecaster/Fender Stratocaster electric guitars, Kurzweil K2600S synthesizer, Korg Chrome 88 ‘MUSIC WORKSTATION’, Korg Electribe 2 ‘MUSIC PRODUCTION STATION’, Fender and Behringer guitar amplifiers and other instruments. All in all, Hubert Temba played all the instruments and produced the entire album by himself.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lester and Faridah Thomas.


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