November 3, 2020 will bring a new USA

So I just want to tell you that today was my birthday. So I stayed home. And although fate added one calendar year to the time my spirit has been dwelling on this earth, I know America will lose a foolish president who is in the office for himself only (a very greedy mistake) and get a new President after sunset.

And the old fool who fucked with the American Experiment will pay for the rest of his punishment life. To those who sent us the fool in the white house, may then learn that Americans are special people who learn from their mistakes of complacency and acquiescence. They rise above the occasion and even become better. You don't fuck with Americans and their democracy.

My song "Barbados" 

I just wanted to revisit and say something about my song "Barbados". This is a song I wrote when I was studying for my Masters of Science Degree at the Iowa State University of Science and Technology. I started with a 4 track recorder and transferred the tracks to a 16 track recording studio. I then added other instruments and guitars. The rest has been history. This song has been very popular ever since. I thank all of you for the interest you have shown in downloading/buying this song. It encourages me…

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Stop Dangerous Dictator Trump 


Stop Dangerous Dictator Trump 



Enviable US Constitution and Beloved Democracy 

and all our RIGHTS


By Hubert Temba MSc BA DSJ 2-Time Fulbright Award Winner

Everybody must elect Democrats on November 6 to stop madman Trump who can be more dangerous than Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi, Assad, Amin, Allende, Hussein, bin Laden. Trump is the most dangerous living thing on earth RIGHT NOW.

Everybody who hates dictatorships and tyrannies must

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Taking Ignorance into the Social Media 

Some people have  posted on social media that racists took a beating when the Broncos lost and then put a photo of Richard Sherman along with it. That is tantamount to PUBLISHING A LIE. I and other over 30 years old guys who supported Peyton Manning and will still support him because he makes us feel good, ARE NOT RACISTS. I like Peyton Manning and I am not a racist. Don Lemon of the CNN was routing for Manning because he makes older guys look good. Richard…

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The Faces Of The Other Crowd 



For the broken hearted ones,

And those who FAIL to make things straight

Even after counting from one to eight

So well that you can hear trumpets and sirens in the air.


I feel for the broken hearted and failures

Those who fell behind in the races

Those who could not spell well

In the classrooms of life

Those who were born into this world

Around tough and bleeding decadence...


The homeless and the homely.

The criminals and the molesters, and

Those who fall on the wayside by

Not realizing the…

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In Pain I Have Fought For Relief 

In pain, I have learnt to fight for relief. In extreme hardships, I have leaned on God. Even when things were very tough, I knew there was a way. I fought on.




Yet there are times when I have knocked on heaven's door so much i got blisters from the knocking. The angels of heaven did not arrest me for the noise I made when almost "destroying" heavens door with my knuckles. However, heavens door is not destroyable. Even my knuckles are not destroyable.




Overall, I knew if God was busy sorting the…

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NSA is not listening to your calls, read your emails 

The NSA does not have the personnel to listen to all your phone calls and read your email stuff. Imagine, if they tried how many man hours would that BE? Unimaginable. And they do not have the staff to do that. How come that people can't ge...t this? The NSA does not have enough personnel to listen to your phone calls and read your emails. That is the TRUTH, swallow it if you can chew it. The NSA will not tell you that they don't have enough personnel to check and listen to all data. That will be…

Approval Ratings And False Journalism 

One of the functions of the media is to set an agenda. They do so by highlighting something very trivial and in that way people start thinking about it. The more people think about it the more it remains on their minds. The more it remains on the mind it become a believable falsehood like the Cold War communist propaganda of the former Soviet Union. An inaccurate approval rating of the President can serve the falsehood spewed by the hateful right into mountainous inaccurate proportions. Thus steering the…

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Glenn Greenwald is not a journalist 

I agree with Jeffrey Tobin of CNN for calling David Miranda a "mule" for transporting illegal material across borders.


The man who published in the Guardian about the NSA, Glenn Greenwald is not a journalist either. He claims to be an investigative journalist but he is not.


When a person is handed government secrets and so he can forward them to a newspaper, which has the foolish balls of publishing those secrets, that person forwarding those secrets is not an investigative journalist. He is just a…

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