JIMI HENDRIX AND THE 2008 USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. By Hubert Temba After the leaves have turned brown in October and fallen off the trees, and after the hooligans have celebrated Halloween in the midst of the turmoil, and after the debates and all the bloggers have gone to bed, there will be a cool and cold November 4th morning, the day before which, there was enthusiasm to mobibilize a lot of voters to change history in the USA. And the wind will whisper Mary. After all the networks have competed and struggled to scoop one another, to see who is the first to announce the change of history in the USA, hearts will be racing and cardiologists and emrgency personnel all over the USA and world will be busy getting ready for heart attacks and aneurisms from the shock that has been lingering in the wings for more than 200 years. History has been made...and that is unstoppable because the collective unsconscous has no way of avoiding itself from turning itself in for all the crimes it had been involved throughtout history... After all the ticks and the countdowns are done, there will emerge that deep down inside all responsible conscionces that have been feeling guilty but hiding it for centuries to repent and confess to good Dear Lord for their exploitation and Lies and Oppression and Greed of other members of the human race...That will be inevitable. Like the end of Apartheid in South Africa, the end of the lies of the Republicans and bigots will face the same fate. Lies and exploitation and greed and unfairness belong to hell and that is the judgment. That kind of truth lurks on the wings of change all the time...the need and necessity for change. After Republicans have run out of time of spreading libelous and slanderous lies about the Truth, like the now fallen propaganda Soviets did before their fall in the early 1980s, history will repeat itself as evident in the Bible, for everything that is happening today has happened before as laid down in the Holy Bible... The republicans have no chance of keeping on cheating people. Look at all the stupid bloggers and Rush Limbaugh. Look at what they chose as their Vice President, Sarah Palin. She thinks given you can look at your neighbour's house from yours and know what is in their house and improve your relations with your neighbour by just looking at the house or looking at the kite that their child shows into the air when your husband is gone and have nothing except looking into your the shape of your neighbour's house or imagining you being in Alaska know have foreign experience while you have never set foot on their soil...Just imagination. What a joke of a VP. The USA media is so sick that instead of talking about her brain and insight into helping this country they spend time talking about the tint on her glasses .,.. what a groups idiots. But I am glad David Letterman mocked heavily whe he cancelled the David Letterman show. I am show glad. Thank Letterman, you one of us, a fighting genius. And I am glad of you Katie Couric for your unbiased good journalism questions. David and you deserve a pulitzer prize when Obama-Biden win in November. Stand by me please. Choosing someone like Sarah Palin tells you a lot of bad book writing and revelation about the McCain mind and his campaign and the Bush administration and the faling Rovian attempts to try to fool everybody. The republicans will not fool us and the USA anymore. The time is now and they have no chance of winning the White House this time. Anybody doubting me play the transcript of Katie Couric and Sarah Palin's interview (September 24) which is driving some Republicans crazy. Republicans go crazy as much as you can, for what you sowed is coming back to you right now. You can cheat all the people some of the time but you cannot cheat all the people all the time. Judgment here... One the evening of November 4, 2008, after all is said and done and the voters have gone home, and there maybe incense or perfume in the room, or there maybe nothing to think or be proud about because has no food, is worried about foreclosures and house sale dates, and praying that a miracle will happen to help all people live better for that is out birthright, something will happen. A miracle of all times. They could all be be huddled next to their TVs and saying prayers to whatever gods they subriscibe to, the Truth will emerge, as bright as the fire that Mosses saw in the burning bush...A new USA will be born and the time for change will be born/manifested as prayed for. Change Yes We Can: Obama-Biden. The votersw will speak on November 4 and change the country. We need a lot of changes including paying less for our gas. My Dear voters and my dear friends who will get out and vote on November 4, 2008, I like Jimi Hendrix because he changed rock and roll music. I invoked the higher power before I wrote this. I write music too and play that guitar like Hendrix, Santana, B.B. King, sing like Bob Marley meets Sting and I have seen Mozart''s house and William Shakespeare's House and the chapell where he is buried. I am not small stuff. I know what I am talking about...Please help me change America...Get out and vote for Obama... Obama is the reason I invoked the genius or Jimi Hendrix in this writing. Let the Truth shine in your life. Get out and vote for your rights...Vote for the right for your kids to have health care and good education and vote for your not paying for the war in Iraq in 10 billion dollars a month while the Iraqs have a surplus of 79 billion dollars in the country and and the USA is in a alarming deficit...vote for tax breaks for the middle class and a healing of the housing or mortgage industry, vote for the goold old USA, the main street folks who have been robbed of their pride and good lifesttyle. Vote for change. Vote for the man with the heart and vision to resurrect the USA...vote for Obama-Biden. Your votes on November 4, 2008 will be good fonts and letters on the pages of a new USA. Go out and Vote everybody and let us all change history. We can do it. Yes we can. All of us we are bigger that the Republicans and their Lies and Exploitation. After all the ballots are counted and all the bloggers have gone to the ER, there will be a verdict and the the old man with all his wisdom, crutches and old age will say, this will be the last...this will be the last time republicans are fucking around with people's brains. This is the last and we change in the White House: Obama and Biden. And the wind screams: AMEN. (Courtesy of Jimi Hendrix)

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