Republicans in the USA are governed by the Devil.

Republicans in the USA are the sons and daughters of the devil. They are the reason Adam was kicked out of heaven. Republicans are very racists, they are bigots, they are Hitler-like. They are the worst people on earth. They are hateful. And now in the 2008 year they want to run the USA and the whole world. The USA needs a more intelligent person than Johm McCain and the moose killer Sarah Palin. What do Republicans think. Do they think they are the best thinkers in the world? They are actually the worst people on earth. Going around and fooling people and practicing the Jim Crowe laws., We are not stupid. Republicans you are the reasons Al Qauda exists. The terrorists exists to punish Republicans. McCain has lost the election. Just give up. And all those maggots who shout hateful noises at McCain's rallies you are wasting your lung energy forlks. The people are smart. You ain't going to exploit anybody anymore. Go get a job like cleaning windows. Marsden is hiring window cleaners. Hateful people. One of these days you will pay the price. Because the Law of God says WHAT YOU SOW IS WHAT YOU REAP and simplified means WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Republicans you are caught in the trap. You will get your punishment one of these days. Very soon. I mean very soon.

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