Wallmart Stores and the Devil

Wallmart Stores and the Devil by Hubert Temba, Fulbright Award Winner. The Wall Street Journal reported that Wallmart is putting pressure on its emloyees not to vote for the Democrats and Barack Obama. I find that illegal, coercion is tantamount to kidnapping and Wallmart by doing that they going against employment laws as they have done for decades. Now it is the time to put the trap on their nest and let lose everything, because Wallmart with its cheap prices, given that cheap prices do not come from anywhere unless you have child labor and slave labor and you pay them nothing or next to nothing. It is good that the conscience of the culprit or villain, and Wallmart is and has been, will turn you in. This notion and revelation that Wallgreen is coercion and telling and holding meeting to its employees not to vote for the Democrats and Obama is undemocratic and very third country. So my call for all attorney generals in this country, this is chance to get a promotion. Sue Wallmart for all the money your state and all the others need. Wallmart has a lot of money gathered illegally and this time some of that money can help you pay your mortgages. Attorney Generals in every state. Tell them HUBERT TEMBA the man who is a composer and with three books published sent you. This is illegal. Wall Mart is an illegal corporation. Please investigate.

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